Software for Commercial Drone Users

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Drone Software for Commercial Use

A wide range of software is available for commercial drone applications.

Why use Drone Software?

Collecting data using your commercial drone is just the first step towards unlocking the value of that data.

The most likely second step is to use some kind of software to analyse and interpret this data.

In some cases, you'll need enterprise-level software to process the information your drone collects before it's of any use at all, particularly in the mapping and surveying sectors.

Some of the types of software available for commercial drone users include:

  • Drone Surveying Software
  • Drone Mapping Software
  • GIS Software with Aerial Imagery support
  • Inspection Assistance Software
  • Drone Fleet Management Software

Commercial Software for DJI Drones

As DJI are the leading drone manufacturer in the world - they have developed a range of software to help with specific drone applications.

Heliguy supply, support and advise on all these software platforms. We don't just give you access - we also advise on how to get maximum value from these integrated software packages.

If you're using DJI drones commercially - it's worth investigating how some of this software can help improve your operations.

DJI FlightHub

Manage your entire drone operation using DJI FlightHub.

If you're operating multiple drones and pilots, while juggling multiple operations, DJI FlightHub will give you a a live, complete picture of your entire drone programme.

Some of the key features of FlightHub include:

    • Real-time communication with pilots during live operations.
    • Easy flight log recording and management.
    • Manage equipment, pilots and individual flights across your whole organisation.
    • Simple to use mission planning tools to increase efficiency.
    • Seamlessly transfer images and video from pilots to FlightHub to centralise data.
    • Manage firmware versions and firmware updates on all DJI equipment from one central app.

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DJI Terra

Drone Mapping Software from DJI.

Terra is a new 3D modelling software from DJI that makes creating maps and models with your DJI drone a breeze.

Mapping and modelling with drones is effective in all kinds of industries, including public safety, construction, infrastructure and agriculture.

With DJI Terra you can plan missions, collect and centralise data, create 3D maps and analyse data all within a single platform.

Some of the key features of DJI Terra include:

  • Plan your drone missions ahead of time in the app.
  • Collect and centralise your drone data in a single software.
  • Create 2D or 3D maps within Terra.
  • Analyse the data your drone collects, measuring coordinates, distances, areas and volumes.

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DJI Flight Simulator

Enterprise-level drone flight simulator from DJI.

If you'd like to onboard new pilots and provide some realistic training without risking your equipment being damaged, the DJI's Flight Simulator is for you.

    • Use training "modules" specific to your application to train pilots.
    • Emulate different DJI drones and environmental conditions.
    • Immersive, real-flight experience.
    • Connect your real DJI remote to your Windows computer for the full experience.

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Other Software for Enterprise Drone Users


Heliguy are a certified reseller for the industry-leading mapping and modelling software DroneDeploy.

The DroneDeploy app can be used to plan flights, capture data and create 2D maps and 3D models.

It also facilitates automatic flights from take-off, to automatically capturing images, to landing in the defined area.

  • Simple to use interface.
  • Affordable pricing model without sacrificing functionality.
  • Rapid data-processing and accuracte results.
  • Compatible with a range of DJI Drones.

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