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Product Reviews for DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo


I kept putting it off until I bit the bullet and bought a Mavic Pro, it’s the best thing that I have ever did ne, no looking back now....

December 17, 2017
My first drone

Great purchase. Everything I needed to get started. Great service and good advice from the sales team.

November 10, 2017
Great Package

Great package, everything required to get you in the air, and capturing them shoots, we bought this to fly indoors and in confined spaces, and for that purpose it's amazing.

October 19, 2017
Delivered to Croatia in 48 hours

Good personal service, and went the extra mile to deliver at short notice overseas.

September 1, 2017
Wonderfully Portable

Obviously, due to sensor size, don't expect this little wonder to produce footage comparable in quality to an inspire or p4p, as it's just no capable. However, your average joe will probably not notice a difference on YouTube/Vimeo, anyway.Where this little drone excels is in its portability. I take it with me everywhere and never suffer that "damn, I wish I had the Inspire or phantom with me" feeling anymore, whenever I spot something I want to capture.As mentioned, the sensor is small. The bitrate for 4K is 60mbps, not really enough for 4K but passable, ideally the minimum for 4K is 100mbps like the p4p. When sharpness is run in negative numbers (-1, -2, -3) there appears to be some very aggressive noise reduction applied which mushes up dark, detailed areas whilst leaving bright areas looking fine. Through lots of research and running my own tests, I have figured that in brightly lit situations a setting of 0 sharpness is best. In less well lit situations, combined with lots of detail, a +1 setting works better. Any over sharpening can be dealt with in post with tiny amounts of blur added... not ideal, but a much better situation to be in than trying to pull back detail lost through the aggressive NR, which cannot be done as it is baked in.If you're after something to produce cinema quality footage and you are a serial pixel peeper this isn't for you. If you want a 'take anywhere and never miss a moment drone', you really should get this. Like, seriously! Incredibly stable, even in surprising amounts of wind, and capable of producing some nice cinematic imagery.Final conclusion, I love it! Just had to spend a bit of time working out profile settings for the best image possible out of this tiny little sensor.Oh, and heliguy were prompt & great as always.

July 31, 2017
DJI Mavic Pro

Excellent communication, extremely fast dispatch and get tracking of delivery (even to an hour time slot) - first class service! Highly recommend

July 3, 2017
DJI Mavic Pro Combo

Great Drone with excellent features, next day delivery from Heliguy means no waiting to get it in the air , also their website as plenty of info and instructions to get started

June 30, 2017
Great service

Quick delivery and great finance. Recommended

June 17, 2017

I was one of the early pre-orders and did have to wait (DJI's fault, not Heliguy) but boy has the wait been worth it.I've flow RC Heli's in the past so getting the hang of the mavic didn't involve much of a learning curve but with so much safety built in you'd have to be trying hard to crash to actually crash! I'm up to 30 or so flights in the past couple of weeks and am amazed at this tiny machine. It's super easy to fly, super good at what it does and the images and video it captures out of the box is amazing! A minute or two in Lightroom and the images are off the scale.It's opened up a whole new world to me and I'll be booking onto a Heliguy PFCO very soon to realise fully it's potential.Awesome bit of kit, way ahead of it's time. Buy one today, you absolutely will not regret it!!

April 5, 2017
....good things come to those that wait!

Was it worth the wait from November till April ! was....DJI have no honour in supporting its dealerships and they should bow their heads in shame...It's compact and lightweight..fits almost in my jacket pocket..easy to fact maybe too easy! I'm looking forward to exploring some remote locations now and it compliments the rest of the gear in my kit bag! save lugging that P4 everywhere..HELIGUY...thanks for keeping us poor souls updated over this fiasco - many thanks to Paddy and Scott for getting me my Mavic literally 48 hours before i was due to go on holiday !Greg @

April 2, 2017

Heliguy got shafted by DJI with regards to the delivery of the Mavic, but I'm glad I waited. Heliguy kept me informed of the situation and let me know when my unit was on its way to them. If I have any problem with the unit I'd much sooner deal with Heliguy than the robots at DJI. The Mavic itself is amazing, used to fly a P2 Vision +, everything about the Mavic is better, and it really is portable, the flight modes are actually usable and not just gimmicks. Thanks Heliguy, great service, great drone.

March 3, 2017
Mavic pro combo

Well what can I say! DJI well is a let down for these sellers but u know what Steve and his crew kept me well informed About DJI and there poor deliverys. so as a whole for Heliguy I will continue to buy,As service was excellent. I got an email to to,say my mavic was been packed and shipped next day was here. Outstanding for me when I live in NI Normally two days but not this. And as a helicopter worth the wait as I must be lucky as mine has has no issues. So now I ordered the genuine DJI filter to complete my combo. If I want a seller u can trust look no,further. Plus I was not paid or advised for this either. Thanks Heliguy (Steve)

January 25, 2017

Firstly, I would like to thank Heliguy for keeping us informed on the delivery of the Mavic. We do understand of the international delay on the items, but believe us when we say, we received an email to say our Mavic was in stock, it was delivered by 9am the next day - everything is on charge now - If you waiting for yours, its certainly worth the wait

January 4, 2017