Drone Servicing

Keep your UAV in perfect condition with Heliguy's annual service.

Key Service Points

Expert In-Depth Drone Service
Certificate of Service Issued
Free Return Postage
Courtesy Email for Service Results
DJI Trained Technicians


How does the Drone Service work?

Book a Service Ticket

You'll book a service ticket using our Heliguy Support system.

Send Equipment Using Prepaid Label

We'll send you a pre-paid postage label that will cover courier postage of your equipment to us. Simply arrange a time that suits you to have the equipment collected by the courier.

Equipment Inspected by our Tech Team

Our tech team will perform a number of in-depth service checks on your equipment to ensure it's in full working order.

Necessary Repairs Performed

If there have been faults found with your equipment, the team will be in touch to let you know. As soon as you've approved any necessary work, we'll book your equipment in for a repair through our standard process.

Drone Flight Tested

If you're sending us a drone of any kind, we'll perform a full flight test to ensure that the drone works under operational conditions.

Certificate of Service Issued

Once our tech team are satisfied that the equipment is fully operational and that no repairs are required - they will issue a certificate of service.

Equipment Returned to You

Your equipment will then be safely repackaged by our warehouse team, and sent back to you free of charge via Next Day Courier.

Drone Service Checks Performed

What does a Heliguy drone service include?

All Heliguy Drone Services are completed by our DJI trained and approved Technical Team.

The team use their wealth of experience building and repairing drones to complete a number of comprehensive checks and issue a certificate of service.

The following areas will be checked if applicable on your aircraft:

  • Structural Checks - Your aircraft will be meticulously checked for cracks and damage that could result in issues with its operation.
  • Battery Health Checks - Battery cell variance, physical battery state and other checks are completed.
  • Cable Health Checks - Some drones may require additional cable checks to ensure that all internal cabling is secure.
  • Motor Functions - Each motor on the aircraft will be assessed for defects that could lead to a failure. Propellers will also be checked for damage.
  • Software Updates - The software on your drone, remote controller, batteries and camera will be updated to the latest available version.
  • Calibrations - All hardware on the aircraft is checked to ensure it’s within DJI’s tolerance levels and working appropriately. This includes the compass, IMU, etc.
  • Camera Functionality - Standard testing is completed to check the camera functionality for images and video.
  • Landing Gear Checks - Landing gear is assessed to ensure functionality is within DJI’s tolerance level with appropriate lubrication.

All services are followed by a thorough flight test. This test includes a GPS and controller for any signalling errors.

Flight tests will vary for each aircraft, however, will be a general stress test to confirm the performance of your drone.

Drone Service Questions

Drone Servicing FAQs

  • Do I have to pay to send my drone to Heliguy or return delivery?

    No - Shipping to and from Heliguy is included in the price of your service!
  • How long does a service take?

    We aim to turn around all services within 10 working days. If there is an issue found with your equipment during the course of the service, it will be changed to a repair and the 10 day turnaround will be extended to 28 working days.
  • Do I get a service certificate for my drone after the service?

    Yes - our DJI trained engineers will issue a "Certificate of Service" after completing their checks. This is not a certificate of airworthiness, as theses can only be supplied by the relevant authorities.
  • How often should my drone be serviced?

    At least once every 12 months. The more often you're using the equipment, the more often we'd recommend a service. For those using drones commercially, we'd suggest a service at least once every 6 months to ensure that your equipment is up to the job.
  • Do I have to get my drone serviced as a PfCO holder?

    There's no legal requirement to have your equipment serviced as a commercial operator - however, it's important to remember that this equipment is at the heart of your businesses - our servicing will help reduced downtime by ensuring that all your equipment remains fully operational at all times.
  • Does this service come with a warranty?

    We do not offer a warranty on the servicing itself, however, a 3 month warranty will be supplied with any required replacement parts.
  • Will my drone be cleaned as part of the service?

    No - this service offering is designed to ensure that you're equipment is fully functional and safe to use - not to keep it looking great.
  • What qualifications do Heliguy's technicians hold?

    Heliguy technicians have been trained by DJI themselves in the Netherlads. This ensures that any work undertaken on your DJI equipment is done professionally, thoroughly and in-line with DJI's official policies.
  • If I buy a drone second hand (e.g. eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Group), can you service it for me before I pay the seller?

    Unfortunately not - we would only be able to service the equipment once it's in your hands.
  • If a fault is found on the service, will it automatically be repaired?

    No - you will be consulted and given a quote before any repairs are undertaken. This ensures you know exactly what issues have been found and how much it's likely to cost to resolve them.