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Use of Drones in Agriculture

Farmers are increasingly utilising drones to help improve efficiency. Heliguy are a leading drone supplier for agricultural applications. From crop observation to inspection and irrigation management, drones in agriculture are helping save the industry time and money. Heliguy can offer bespoke NDVI sensors, agriculture-focused drone training and the software you need to process the data you'll capture. For a valuable, no-hassle consultation on how your agricultural business can benefit from drones, give our team a call on 0191 296 1024.

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Drones in Agriculture

Drones are fast becoming a key element of agricultural workflows, assisting farmers with vital data collection, protecting crops and increasing yields.

Agricultural Drone Use

Drones are becoming a vital tool for farmers in the UK.

UAVs can assist farmers in optimising the output of their crops and identifying potential threats which can harm the crop’s health.

This information allows you to act before it’s too late and maximise your crop yield.

Old methods of data collection were expensive and time consuming. Drones have made the process much more efficient.

Heliguy have a wealth of experience supplying and supporting clients in the agriculture industry.

From custom drone builds and advanced sensor integrations, to specific training programmes and DJI trained technicians.

Drone Applications in Agriculture

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Agricultural Inspection with Drones

Aerial plant and environmental data can be used as a tool to evaluate a wealth of potential issues with farms.

From plant health to pest and insect control to soil classifications, essential data can be captured using drones, allowing a comprehensive, tailored plan to be put in place for any crop type.

Suggested Equipment:

  • Matrice 200 Series Drone
  • NDVI Sensor
  • Pix4D Subscription


Managing Irrigation with Drones

Giving plants the right amount of water will help achieve the highest output.

Too much or too little water will negatively impact crop development, affecting your overall yield.

Aerial irrigation management will provide accurate results in a shorter timescale.

Suggested Equipment:

  • Matrice 200 Series Drone
  • Zenmuse XT2 Thermal Camera


Drones for Crop Consulting

Aerial crop consulting makes it possible to plan an autonomous drone flights that can be used to assess the health of crops in a matter of minutes.

Fly the course of your field and capture video and images for assessment and investigate visible anomalies.

This quick and simple method can save time and help coordinate your operation.

Suggested Equipment:

  • Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 Drone
  • Matrice 210 Drone
  • Zenmuse XT2 Thermal Camera


Crop Spraying with Drones

Although chemical crop spraying is not possible in the UK, this area is developing around the world and will likely soon be possible.

Heliguy have worked with clients who are working hard with the relevant regulatory bodies to make this a reality.

Aerial crop spraying is significantly faster than manual ground spraying an allows specific targeting of areas.

Suggested Equipment:

  • AGRAS MG-1S Drone