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Freefly Movi Pro

The Freefly Movi Pro is an industry leading camera movement system that helps professional cinematographers get the most stable footage, whether in the air using an Alta, or on the ground. The Movi Pro is available in two different bundles depending on how you plan to use this camera stabilisation system.

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Freefly Movi Pro

Freefly's new Movi Pro camera stabilization system is hailed as:

"The most advanced camera movement system ever created"

Here at Heliguy we tend to agree! The range of new features available on the Movi Pro make it an industry standard camera movement system, bettering Freefly's previously successfull systems, the Movi range.

Freefly Movi Pro Battery Swap

Hot Swappable Batteries

The Movi Pro supports hot swappable batteries.

This means you can quickly and easily change batteries while on set without having to power anything down.

The hot swap system also works with all the available accessories for the Movi Pro, all from the same battery!

Every Movi Pro setup comes with two batteries and two chargers.

Unique Screen with Power Indicator

The Movi Pro has a built in screen on the back.

This screen is invaluable on shoots as it'll help give you a glance at the current status of your Movi Pro without having to stop filming.

In addition, it'll also let you fine tune the Movi Pro as you shoot.

This is a very powerful feature, giving you full control over the Movi Pro at all times.

It also takes away the need to have a mobile device or laptop nearby, as most tweaks to settings can be done directly on the Movi Pro itself.

Freefly Movi Pro Screen

Movi Pro Versatile Camera Movement System

Freefly Versatility

As usual with Freefly products, the Movi Pro is incredibly versatile.

It can be used in either upright or inverted mode and supports a range of different applications:

    • Ring
    • Skate
    • Classic
    • Aerial
    • Tero

The range of different handles, shooting modes and positions available for the Movi Pro will help cinematographers capture the perfect shot every time without having to switch stabilizers.

Reliable and Resilient

The Movi Pro has also improved it's resilience.

Long shoots day after day, with huge amounts of movement, can take it's toll on a lot of stabilizers.

Not the Movi Pro however.

There's improved internal wiring to help protect against faults and completely enclosed systems that allow you to shoot whatever the weather.

The boot time has been reduced to less than two seconds to make sure you're always ready to go.

There's also a built in stand on the Movi Pro, meaning when you do need to stop shooting, you know your Movi won't fall over.


Movi Pro Resilient Construction

Freefly Movi Pro Key Features

    • Integrated Screen - A unique 4 button control system with embedded screen gives you the ability to manage your Movi Pro on the fly while shooting.
    • Added Torque - Improved torque from old Movi models allows you to shoot even more demanding moving shots.
    • Rugged Design - With internal wiring and a durable construction, the Movi Pro is ready for all conditions.
    • Ready for Aerial Photography - A quick 60 second process will get your Movi Pro ready for aerial use from it's handheld mode. Move from shot to shot with ease.
    • All in One Power System - Two 22.2V batteries can power the Movi Pro itself and the camera being used for up to an hour at a time. Hot swappable batteries keep your shoots going even longer without having to stop and recharge.
    • Self-Tuning System - A new algorithm will help you achieve the optimal setup for your shot in a single touch of a button. Fine tune the settings even further using the integrated display.
    • REDLink Command Protocol - Control RED EPIC and SCARLET cameras from a distance.
    • Array of Sensors - The Movi Pro includes MEMS sensors, GPS modules, compass and barometer to give you all the information you need.
    • Ultra Fast Boot - From cold to shooting in less than two seconds.

Freefly Movi Pro FAQs

How do I update the firmware on my Movi Pro?

The Movi Pro's firmware is updated using a dedicated app. There is a great tutorial on how to perform firmware updates on the Freefly Website.

Which existing Freefly Accessories can I use with the Movi Pro?

The Movi Pro has support for the MIMIC and Movi Controller.

Are Movi Pro batteries backwards compatible with other Movi models?

Unfortunately not. Due to the advanced new power system on the Movi Pro, you can't use the new battery designs with the Movi M5, M10 or M15.

Can I use the Movi Pro with the Alta 6 or Alta 8?

Yes - this new stabilisation system can be quickly deployed with the Alta 6 or Alta 8.

Which radios are compatible with this Movi?

According to Freefly - "most Spektrum and Futaba radios".

Which cameras is the Movi Pro compatible with?

The Movi Pro is based around the size of the camera, rather than specific models of camera. 

The camera cage has these dimensions:

196mm length

200mm width

175mm height

Please ensure that your camera / lens setup will sit within these dimensions.