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Heliguy Assured

Heliguy Assured

A fullstack SPE drone leasing programme with a range of value added extras.

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What is Heliguy Assured?

What does Heliguy Assured offer?

Heliguy Assured is a no-hassle, flexible and comprehensive SPE package, arming you with the latest equipment, on-demand access to a wide range of drones and cameras, award-winning support and unparalleled service.

Our pay-monthly, one year contract gives you an inclusive and multi-layered enterprise deal, complete with a rapid-repair service.

Who can benefit from Heliguy Assured?

Heliguy Assured is a complete drone supply service for enterprise and public sector organisations.

Our contract solution gives you access to a huge array of drones, sensors and ancillary equipment.

Why was Heliguy Assured created?

Heliguy have an international reputation as one of the leading authorities in the drone industry with a unique approach to drone supply and support.

Along with key enterprise clients, Heliguy have developed a flexible program that ensures enterprises have access to the latest equipment and additional redundancy with minimal risk and up-front cost.

The Heliguy Assured Experience

Choose your Equipment

Choose from the latest drones, accessories and extra ancillary equipment to be added to your Assured package.

Includes entire DJI range, our full range of sensors for various applications, and a range of extra equipment, from Elistair tethers to Teradek live streaming solutions for complete operational coverage.

Get Inclusive Services

Automatically qualify for a range of enterprise-level services:

Total Redundancy
Automatic Upgrades

All Heliguy Assured customers can take advantage of these inclusive services.

Choose Add-Ons

Choose from a range of additional services to suit your operational requirements.

This allows you to build a bespoke package of services, from 24 hour support, access to the UK's largest enterprise drone rental pool, or ongoing CPD training for your organisation.

Start Assured Service

Your account manager will draw up your contracts to be signed and your Assured Service will start.

Account managers are on hand to assist you with any queries and provide you additional discounts on over 20 additional one-off services.

Key Benefits of Heliguy Assured


Expand or contract your fleet on-demand with drones, cameras, thermal sensors and additional equipment.

Cost Effectiveness

Substantially reduce initial costs and take advantage of short-term contracts to stay at the very cutting edge of drone technology.

Total Redundancy

Access to backup drones and cameras for specific operations, or when your existing equipment is being maintained or repaired.

Automatic Upgrades

After your contract, you'll have the choice to keep your existing equipment or upgrade to the very latest equipment.

Bolt-on Services

A wide range of bolt-on services are available that can help take your drone programme further as required.

Bolt-On Heliguy Services

Add or remove any of these bolt-on services to your plan at any point during your Heliguy Assured contract:

Technical Support

24 Hour Technical Support
On-Site Support
Equipment Handovers
Managed Maintenance Schedule
Incident Support


Custom Sensor Integration
Custom Build Consultancy
3rd Party Product Testing
Rapid Prototyping Service
Product Quality Assessment


Bespoke PfCO Training
Ongoing CPD Training
Operations Manual Consultancy
Operational Safety Case Consultancy
Application Based Training