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NDVI Sectors

This section investigates the variety of potential uses for aerial NDVI. While not exhaustive, the industries mentioned below provide a detailed overview which encompasses a range of sub-sectors, demonstrating the versatility and importance of this solution.

An Introduction to NDVI

NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) uses both visible and near-infrared bands of the electromagnetic spectrum to collect and analyse data, assessing whether the target area contains healthy vegetation.

It has found a wide application in agriculture and scientific studies due to its ability to accurately estimate crop yields, the efficacy of irrigation and general vegetation maintenance. The results of NDVI surveys are dependent on factors including the amount of ground coverage, the level of photosynthesis occurring in the target plants, how much surface water is present as well as the amount of biomass in the target area.

Here is an example of an NDVI scan with the healthy and unhealthy sections marked out:

NDVI Scan Example

As you can see, this is an invaluable tool for agricultural use as it helps land owners monitor and proactively solve issues as they arise, for instance, knowing which areas of a field require a greater level of fertilisation or if excessive water levels are causing issues with crop yields.

In most cases, healthy vegetation absorbs a high quantity of the visible light and reflects back a large amount of near-infrared light making it easily identifiable in the resulting image. Conversely, any unhealthy plant life will reflect a greater level of visible light and less near-infrared light, with the surrounding land (i.e. bare soil) reflects a closer balance of the two.

These differing reflective properties ensure that any issues with vegetation are picked up on and mapped out in an easy to read format.

NDVI is calculated via an algorithm that subtracts red reflective values from near-infrared and divides it by the sum of near-infrared and visible (red) electromagnetic bands as you can see below:


This algorithm allows users to delineate between two identical areas of vegetation which may have different values due to one being in bright sunlight, and another in cloudy conditions. In this example, the brighter sunlit pixels would have a larger value, causing a bigger difference between bands. This discrepancy is averted by dividing by the sum of these reflective readings.

NDVI values are displayed on a scale from-1 to 1. Extreme negative number values represent water, results around zero tend to be bare soil and values over 0.6 on the scale represent dense, healthy vegetation.

For the best results, always try to fly on a clear day with minimal cloud cover.

Platforms & Products

DJI Phantom 4 NDVI

We are now offering the DJI Phantom 4 fitted with an NDVI solution to provide our enterprise customers with an intelligent surveying airframe.

The DJI Phantom 4 is an intuitive, feature-rich quadcopter which offers pilots a range of flight modes as well as inbuilt obstacle avoidance. Controlled via the DJI GO 4 app, it's never been simpler to conduct an aerial NDVI scan.

Heliguy's tech support has years of experience offering both repairs and modifications to DJI kit and we guarantee an unparalleled level of support. If you're searching for an easily transportable, simple to use quadcopter that's powerful enough to carry out accurate agricultural surveys, look no further.



DJI Phantom 3 Professional NDVI

Heliguy's NDVI solution is mounted to one of DJI's most popular quadcopters from the Phantom range, the Professional model.

The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is a reliable quadcopter which puts a suite of intelligent flight modes at your disposal. Easy to fly through the intuitive DJI GO app, you'll have no problem getting airborne and conducting surveys with this drone.

Our on-site technical team are highly experienced in offering both repairs and modifications to existing airframe builds such as this custom DJI Phantom 3. With years of accrued knowledge of DJI's product range, as well as the wider commercial landscape, they work to spec and provide rigs that meet your needs.


Heliguy is a reseller of the SLANTRANGE 3P NDVI camera for agricultural surveying.

The SLANTRANGE 3P offers users an intuitive, powerful solution to aerial data capture with the ability to cover 4x the ground of comparable sensors and requiring only 20% overlap to produce accurate results.

With a powerful software accompaniment (SlantView) available at three service levels (the basic version comes with the product as standard) you're able to process the data you've captured on-site without any need for network access or high-end computing solutions.


This NDVI product is available as described above as part of a build incorporating the DJI Phantom 3 Professional. You can learn more about the rig builds we offer by calling our team on 0191 296 1024 for a one-to-one chat about your business requirements.

Required Training

Our team has designed bespoke rigs for a range of clients utilising our machine-specific knowledge of DJI products to combine the functionality of NDVI with one of the most intuitive quadcopters on the market. We bring this level of expertise into our training.

Heliguy offers Bespoke Training Courses which can be tailored to focus on the essential criteria of NDVI sensors and how, when coupled with drones, they provide a powerful vegetation surveying tool. We adapt our in-depth approach to training alongside your company's specifications to ensure you're given real-world scenario instruction.

Aside from advice on NDVI solutions we also provide accredited training on behalf of the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) meaning that we can get a member (or members) of your team qualified to offer aerial services.

For more information about our training courses, call us on 0191 296 1024 and start your company's journey towards a lucrative NDVI service offering. Alternatively, fill in your details below to register your interest with our training team.