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Get insurance on your drone through our partner Coverdrone.

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UK Drone Insurance

heliguy™ are pleased to offer UK drone insurance through our partners at Coverdrone.

Coverdrone’s industry leading policy for commercial and recreational users is available in a range of flexible policy periods from one day to one year and everything in between. 
Policies are available to purchase by registering for free with Coverdrone via the FlySafe App, calling the team, or by their mobile friendly website. 
All policies are compliant with the EU regulation EC785/2004.

What types of drone insurance are available?

Commercial and Recreational Drone Insurance

Once registered with Coverdrone, pilots have the option to choose from one day to one year and everything in between. When your cover is due to expire, you can log back into your account and choose another period of cover.

If you are a commercial user and are flying more than fifteen days per year, Coverdrone recommend that an annual policy is considered for the most economical solution.

For a recreational user, you may wish to consider an annual policy if you are flying more than seven days per year.

Drone insurance policies from one day to one year.

Coverdrone’s commercial and recreational policies offer various levels of both public and products liability. 

New for old cover is available, with no restriction on flying hours, number of drones or number of operators. 
You can operate your drone anywhere in the world and Coverdrone and also offer hired-in (non-owned) equipment cover.

30 Day Flight Test & Training Policy

If you're taking one of our CAA Approved drone training courses, you'll get a 30-day policy following the ground school to practice your flying and take your flight assessment.

Your can cover multiple drones if necessary for your flight assessment.

Following a successful flight assessment, the premium of this policy will be refunded when you take out an annual policy within 60 days without a claim.

Coverdrone Drone Insurance App for Android and iOS

Coverdrone FlySafe is a free app designed to help drone pilots plan and conduct their drone flights  quicker and safer than before. 

The app, which is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices)  delivers rich and accurate safety data ranging from airspace maps, dynamic restrictions,  environmental conditions, privacy and safety hazards and even the location of much of the low-  flying manned aviation traffic.

Free Insurance for your Drone Flight Assessment

Free flight examination cover is available for drone pilots going through any flight examination with Heliguy.

Once registered, clients are able to obtain a free flight examination policy,  liability only, for either themselves or anybody that may be training within their business.

Do you need drone insurance?

Legally, insurance requirements differ dependent upon whether you are a commercial or recreational user. 

If you a commercial user, insurance rules apply however if you are a recreational user, insurance rules do not apply.

Commercial drone pilots are required to comply with the regulation EC785/2004. The regulation stipulates that you must have minimum levels of third-party insurance which includes public liability and aviation specific liability. 

Coverdrone offer public liability insurance as a minimum.

Although insurance is not a requirement for recreational users, Coverdrone offer equipment cover as well as public liability insurance. Coverdrone will cover your aircraft and other various equipment such as laptops, tablets, chargers when in storage, in transit or on location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is drone insurance?

The cost of drone insurance depends on the type of cover, insurance period and the drone. You can obtain a quote for your desired cover via the Coverdrone website.

Can I buy FPV drone insurance?

Coverdrone offer insurance for the majority of drones. You may contact a member of the Coverdrone team to find out if your drone is coverable.

Will I get a certificate of drone insurance?

Following purchase of a policy, you will receive an invoice and a policy schedule.