Infrastructure & Inspection Drones

Traditionally, inspections in infrastructure were limited to either manual, from-the-ground methods - which were time-consuming and labour intensive - or helicopters, but this was expensive and often impossible for large aerial vehicles to fly in the areas that inspection professionals needed to access.

For this reason, drones are playing an influential role in driving forward the infrastructure industry, quickly becoming an incredibly useful tool to capture fast and accurate data - safely and cheaply.

Photogrammetry software transforms images into measurable 3D models, which can be used prior to construction or to visually verify and improve accuracy of your project. This information helps to provide an up-to-date visual database of all assets that can be visually inspected, enabling you to stay on track and within budget.

Thanks to a simple workflow and easily repeatable data capture, these maps and models can be updated as often as required.

Drones can also collect regular, real-time imagery which can be used to monitor, inspect and document the stability and safety of sites. 

Drone mapping helps you boost the efficiency of your surveys and save operational costs by spending less time in the field. With traditional surveying methods, highways need to be closed to traffic for several hours. Drone mapping missions can be performed in 20% of the time, without disrupting traffic and providing full access and visibility to everything that can be viewed from above.