Drone Parachutes from ParaZero

Buy drone parachutes by ParaZero from Heliguy. We're experts in drone safety systems, and these industry-leading ParaZero parachutes are completely autonomous and protect people, property and your equipment. All these ParaZero SafeAir parachutes are designed to comply with future regulation. They will enable you to fly more safely over populated areas and beyond visual line of sight.

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Drone Parachute Safety Systems

ParaZero SafeAir drone parachutes.

Autonomous Drone Parachutes

Heliguy are proud to offer a range of drone parachutes for DJI drones and custom aircraft.

We have partnered with ParaZero - as their SafeAir parachutes are the number 1 drone safety system in the industry.
Protect your equipment, people and property with a parachute that will automatically deploy from your drone if a catastrophic flight failure should occur.

Make your flights safer, help protect people and property while future-proofing your flights from regulatory changes.

Drone Parachutes for a Range of Industries

These ParaZero drone safety systems can be used in a range of industries:

  • Construction
  • Public Safety
  • Delivery
  • News & Media
  • Film
  • Inspection

ParaZero Drone Parachutes are available for a range of DJI Drones and Custom UAVs

Which Drones are Parachutes Available for?

ParaZero drone parachutes are available for a range of DJI Drones and custom aircraft:

Watch the ParaZero Mavic in Action

ParaZero Mavic Safe Air Drone Parachute Video