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DJI Inspire 2 Premium Combo

DJI Inspire 2 Premium Combo

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DJI Inspire 2 Premium Combo

The Inspire 2 Premium Combo is made for cinematographers. Featuring the Zenmuse X5S, two Cendence Remote Controllers and two 480G CINESSDs, complex shots can be captured in up to 5.2K with plenty of space to store them.

What’s in the Box

Inspire 2 x 1

Cendence Remote Controller x 2

Propeller Pair x 5

Intelligent Flight Battery x 8

Charger x 1

Battery Charging Hub x 1

Power Cable x 1

USB Cable x 1

microSD Card (16GB) x 1

Vision System Calibration Plate x 1

Gimbal Damper x 3

Propeller Mounting Plate Pair x 1

Carrying Case x 1

Battery Insulation Sticker x 4

Apple ProRes & CinemaDNG Activation Key x 1

Zenmuse X5S x 1

CrystalSky 7.85” Ultra Bright x 2

CINESSD 480G x 2

CINESSD Station x 1

DJI Focus Handwheel 2 x 1

DJI Focus Handwheel Cendence Remote Controller Stand x 1

Drone Laws, Licences and Training Requirements

Until 31 December 2020

Where Can I Fly?

Drone pilots should follow the Drone Code, or permissions granted by their PfCO/standard permission.

Do I need to register my drone in the UK?

Yes. See the Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Service page for more details.

After December 31 2020 (Transitional Period)

Where Can I Fly?

There can be no uninvolved people present within the area of flight; and there can be no flight within 150m horizontally of residential, commercial, industrial, or recreational areas (A3 subcategory of Open category).

Want more freedom? Complete a GVC (General VLOS Certificate).

How Do I Get a GVC?

Sit a GVC course with Heliguy. The GVC consists of a theoretical syllabus, followed by a multiple-choice examination.

Following completion of the course, candidates are required to produce an Operations Manual embracing the applicable Pre-Defined Risk Assessments (PDRA) and/or Standard Scenarios (STS).and will undergo a practical flight assessment with a flight examiner. Following completion, candidates will receive a recommendation for the issue of the GVC and can apply to operate under standard permissions. The GVC course is currently being run online through Heliguy Learning Management System.

Do I need to register my drone?

Yes. See the Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Service page for more details.

What Happens If I Have a PfCO?

Holders of a standard permission valid beyond December 31 2020 can operate under the terms of the permission, until their renewal date. Then apply to fly under an Operational Authorisation (replacing the PfCO).

From January 2023 (End of Transitional Period)

The rules will change for DJI aircraft in their current form. Updated information released nearer the time.

What's in the Box


Number in package

Inspire 2 Quadcopter


Cendence Remote Controller


Inspire 2 Propeller Pairs


TB50 Battery




Charging Hub


Power Cable


USB Cable (with Double A Ports)


16GB microSD Card


Vision System Calibration Plate


Gimbal Damper


Propeller Mounting Plates (Pair)


Carrying Case


Battery Insulation Sticker


CinemaDNG + Apple ProRes Activation Key


Zenmuse X5S Camera


CrystalSky 7.85" Ultra Brightness


480GB CineSSD


CineSSD Station (USB 3.0)


DJI Focus Handwheel 2


DJI Focus Handwheel 2 Cendence Remote Controller Stand