DJI Mini 2 360° Propeller Guard

DJI Mini 2 360° Propeller Guard

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Full Description

DJI Mini 2 Prop Guards

360° Protection when Flying your DJI Mini 2 Close to People or Property

What are the Mini 2 Propeller Guards?

These 360° propeller guards protect objects and people from the spinning props of your Mini 2.

They're extremely lightweight and are perfect for beginner drone flyers or when you're flying indoors.

What is the Flight Time of the DJI Mini 2 when using Propeller Guards?

When you have the propeller guards mounted on the Mini 2 drone, the flight time will be around 18 minutes when using the Mini 2 Intelligent Battery.

DJI Mini 2 Propeller Guards 360°

Product Specification

Mini 2 Propeller Guards Specifications



Weight (per side)

23.5 g


71 mm

Size after Mounting

318×267×66 mm

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