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DJI Spark Charging Hub
DJI Spark Charging Hub
DJI Spark Charging Hub
DJI Spark Charging Hub
DJI Spark Charging Hub

DJI Spark Charging Hub

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Full Description

DJI Spark Charging Hub for Multiple Batteries

This charging hub for DJI Spark batteries allows you to effeciently charge three batteries at one time.

They can be charged either in sequence or simultaneously depending on your preference.

The charging hub will automatically optimise the charging process based on the data received by the battery.

If the batteries are at a low temperature, the hub wil automatically limit the current to extend the longevity of the batteries.

It's a great way of making sure your Spark is useful for more than just one flight at any time!

Three Spark Batteries can be charged in around 90 minutes with this hub.

DJI Spark Charging Hub in Use

DJI Spark Charging Hub FAQs

Will it charge all the batteries at the same time?

No. The charger will charge the battery with the least charge once that has finished it will continue to the next one.

Product Specification

Spark Charging Hub Specs


S1CH Charging Hub

Operating Temperature Range

0° C to 40° C (32° F to 104° F)

Input Voltage

13.05 V

Input Current

3.83 A


67.2 g (0.14 lbs)

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