Flybotix ASIO Indoor Inspection Drone

Flybotix ASIO Indoor Inspection Drone

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Full Description

Flybotix ASIO Indoor Inspection Drone

Conduct confined space inspections quicker, safer and cheaper

Flybotix ASIO is the complete indoor inspection drone, engineered to help you perform fast, efficient and safe inspections of your industrial assets.

This industry-leading caged drone offers a collision-proof solution to collect accurate data remotely from difficult-to-reach and hard-to-access locations.

ASIO benefits from an impressive flight time of 24 minutes: Providing greater endurance than other internal inspection drones to obtain more information during a single mission.

A versatile platform, ASIO has 4K & thermal sensors and operators can view the data in real-time via a live stream.

The ASIO’s suite of sophisticated features makes it a reliable tool to obtain actionable insights quicker and cheaper, while increasing safety standards.

It minimises downtime, enables the early identification of defects, removes the need for scaffolding or rope access, and allows for more frequent inspections.

ASIO can be deployed to inspect nuclear facilities, power plants, lift shafts, underground tunnels and to check structural integrity following a fire, among other use cases.

Flybotix ASIO Key Features

Dual-sensors, enhanced flight time and super-strong cage

The ASIO has an abundance of key features to deliver reliable and effective internal inspections.

  • 24 minutes of flight time
  • Patented propulsion system for enhanced performance
  • Super-strong cage
  • Remote live stream
  • 4K & thermal cameras
  • Easy-to-change cage
  • Advanced stabilisation
  • Wall-lock
  • Obstacle repulsion
  • Safety slowdown
  • Rewind flight path
  • Self-righting technology

Powerful Dual-Camera System

HD Camera

Produced by Sony, with a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), spot the tiniest details in true colours and capture 12MP pictures directly during the flight.

Thermal Camera

The ASIO is integrated with a FLIR thermal camera to help spot defects invisible to the naked eye.

Gimbal System

The sophisticated ±90° vertical gimbal system ensures that no area is out of sight. It is occlusion-free to make you see everything as if you were on-site yourself.

Powerful Lighting

The ASIO can reach 10,000 lumen luminous power to illuminate dark areas during an inspection. The layout of the lighting prevents the dust raised by the drone to disturb the camera.

Video Stream

Live stream HD imagery from the 4K camera to the remote control. The data is stored onboard, in full definition, on an ultra-fast microSD card.

Collision-proof Protective Cage

Lightweight Cage: The drone's cage is lightweight, weighing below 100g.

Robust Protection: The cage is a robust and collision-proof solution, protecting the propellers from interference with the environment to ensure the highest level of safety. It benefits from advanced materials, combining the protective and damping characteristics of an advanced polymer composite used in the automotive industry with the stiffness of defence-grade strings.

Rapid Replacement: Sometimes unexpected incidents occur which can cause damage to the cage. In such cases, the frame is quick, easy and cheap to replace.

Patented Propulsion System

Dual Rotor Technology: Flybotix’s patented propulsion system is built around two large coaxial and reclining propellers. It is the first time this technology has been built for an indoor inspection drone, which allows ASIO to outperform the competition in three key areas: Extended flight time, reduced noise level and redundancy.

High Endurance: ASIO can fly for up to 24 minutes, giving more time to conduct indoor inspection missions and extending the coverage area.

Reduced Noise Level: ASIO’s generates a low noise level of just 80dB at 1m, improving the pilot’s comfort and safety. This is particularly useful when operating in an asset where the pilot and drone both need to be, as the noise can be amplified by a confined space.

Redundancy: ASIO’s coaxial rotor technology ensures redundancy in the control and propulsion systems, making it able to safely land if an incident occurs.

Onboard Sensors And Controls

GPS-free Stabilisation: ASIO is made extremely stable - even in highly-complex situations - thanks to more than a dozen sensors that measure its altitude and position 8,000 times per second.

Advanced Control Algorithms: ASIO has integrated on-board advanced flight control algorithms making it easy to fly. Assistance can be disabled to give pilots full autonomy.

Wall Lock: A wall-lock algorithm helps the ASIO maintain a constant altitude and distance to the wall to prevent collisions and collect standardised data. The operator can adjust the horizontal speed with a single joystick.

Auto-landing: ASIO can autonomously follow its path backwards and return home. Once it’s back to its takeoff spot, press the auto-landing button and ASIO will land smoothly.

Safety Algorithms: The ASIO has a catalogue of safety algorithms. These include an obstacle repulsion system that simulates an invisible sphere surrounding ASIO and continuously analyses its environment, automatically preventing collisions. Meanwhile, the safety slowdown ensures that ASIO can stop before hitting an obstacle, while the self-righting mode helps ASIO oscillate to get it back on its feet after a collision, ready to continue its mission.

Flybotix ASIO Ecosystem

ASIO Explore

Post-flight analysis software. Alternatively, use third-party software, such as Pix4D, to thoroughly inspect your in-flight data.

Remote Controller with ASIO Flight Control

High-sensitivity joysticks, double antenna system, full HD screen and ASIO Flight Control optimised app. Have full control of your drone in any situation.

Range Extender (Optional)

Ensure perfect connection between the remote controller and the ASIO, even in really narrow environments. The Range Extender is ideal for pipe, sewer and shaft inspections.

Transport Case

ASIO comes in a tough transport case.


The ASIO internal inspection drone is ideal for a range of industry applications.

Use our tool below to view how the Flybotix indoor inspection drone works for different environments. Click on the image to find out more about that scenario.


Prevent shortages, minimise downtime, reduce maintenance costs and protect your employees.

  • Power Plants: Inspect smokestacks, cooling towers, storage tanks and silos.
  • Nuclear: Simplify and accelerate the inspection of nuclear power plants and waste incinerators.
  • Wind Turbines: Reach the top of each wind turbine efficiently and safely and conduct inspections inside the pillar, basement or blades. Drone inspections are a streamlined way of spotting damage and preventing failures.
  • Chemical: Obtain vital information about the inside of boilers, tanks and reactors, without endangering your workers.


Critical infrastructure, such as bridges and tunnels, require frequent maintenance inspections. The ASIO can be used to conduct frequent and more efficient checks, all while operators are safe on the ground.

  • Bridges: Deploy the drone to conduct full aerial inspections, replacing costly, time-consuming and potentially dangerous rope access work.
  • Ceilings: Inspect high ceiling structures without requiring expensive scaffolding.
  • Sewers: Narrow, dark and generally unwelcoming - sewers are complex assets to inspect. Mitigate this by sending the drone in to inspect walls and locate fatbergs.
  • Lift Shafts: High, narrow and difficult to access - using a confined space inspection drone like the ASIO is ideal for conducting shaft inspections to spot defects.


Mines are dangerous environments, but ensuring their integrity is crucial. ASIO enables you to reduce your inspection costs while keeping workers safe.

  • Mining Structures: Collect accurate inspections of elevators and shafts efficiently and safely.
  • Tunnels: Underground tunnels are dangerous to access. Keep your team in a safe zone while gathering data remotely.
  • Conveyor Belts: Inspect your conveyor belts - inside and out - to keep them in optimal working condition.

Public Safety

Use ASIO to enter uncleared buildings and assess the situation before deploying intervention crews.


Inspect storage and fuel tanks - or flare stacks in an offshore environment - to check the integrity of your assets.

What's in the Box

ASIO Drone x 1
Remote control with ASIO Flight Control app x 1
Spare pairs of propellers x 2
Batteries x 3
Battery charger x 1
Toolbox x 1
Safety vest x 1

Product Specification




1kg (2.2 lbs)


Ø395mm, H295mm (Ø15.6in, H11.6in)

Max Transmission Distance

Outdoor: Up to 16km (direct line of sight)

Indoor: Tested from basement to 2nd floor

LED Lighting

Max 10K lumen, dimmable and adjustable

Noise Level

80dB @ 1m

70dB @ 5m

RGB Camera

True 4K @ 30 fps

IR Camera

160x120px @ 9fps

Still Pictures

12 MP

Pictures Resolution

0.2mm/px @ 30cm

Gimbal System

±90° (damped)

Advanced Algorithms

Autopilot, Wall-lock, Obstacle repulsion, Safety slowdown, Self-righting, Auto-landing

Operating Temperature Range

0°C to 30°C (32°F to 86°F)

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