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ParaZero SafeAir M-200

ParaZero SafeAir M-200

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Full Description

ParaZero SafeAir Parachute for Matrice 200 Series

An advanced drone safety parachute system for the DJI Matrice 200 series of drones.

What is the SafeAir 200?

The ParaZero SafeAir is an intelligent solution for increasing safety when using drones.

It's a totally autonomous system that prevents drones from crashing back to the ground if there is an error during flight.

This extra layer of protection is crucial on drone operations that involve flying over people or property.
This Matrice 200 parachute system uses sensors totally independent of the drone itself to monitor inconsistencies in the flight. If a critical failure occurs, the parachute will automatically deploy.
The deployment system has been extensively tested by both ParaZero and third party organisations to give drone operators real peace of mind.

How does the SafeAir 200 Increase Safety when flying the Matrice 200 range?

Parachute Deployed

Parachute is automatically deployed in a fraction of a second when flight failure is detected.

Alarm Sounded

An alarm is also activated to alert anyone nearby of the descending drone.

Controlled Descent

The drone is brought back down to the ground in a controlled descent, minimising damage to equipment or property.

What are the benefits of this SafeAir Parachute?

Low or High Altitude

Works at both low and high altitude, ensuring a safe descent whatever the operation.

Autonomous Trigger

The parachute will deploy without any user input - it autonomously detects flight errors.

Black Box Recorder

Data collected during flight errors can be analysed after the incident to prevent future errors.

Patented Deployment Mechanism

ParaZero have patented their industry-leading deployment mechanism for fast and effective deployment.

Proven Reliability

The ParaZero has been thoroughly tested by a third party and received a MTBCF level of 10-7.

Flight Termination System

Motors are automatically terminated to ensure that the props don't tangle the parachute's cords.

Other key features of the Matrice 200 ParaZero Parachute.

  • Compatible with a variety of Matrice 200 configurations, including the 210 RTK.
  • Works with dual gimbal setup featured on the Matrice 210 and 210 RTK.
  • Plug and play installation process, integrated within 15 minutes.
  • Includes all necessary installation and mounting components.
  • Safe for international transportation on commercial flights.
  • Included safety pin prevents deployment while the unit is being handled, maintained or transported.
  • Industrial grade components for durability and commercial use.

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