PGYTECH ND Filter Set for Mavic Mini (ND 8 16 32 64)

PGYTECH ND Filter Set for Mavic Mini (ND 8 16 32 64)

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Full Description

PGYTECH Mavic Mini ND Filter Set

Transform Your Images 

The PGYTECH Mavic Mini Filter ND Kit (ND 8, 16, 32, 64) reduces the amount of light that allows the camera to select the correct exposure value and prevent overexposure. 
A nanometre-scale, double-sided, multi-layer coating process ensures a first-class waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof and anti-scratch protector.   
The filter weighs only 0.8g and features a quick-fit configuration that does not affect the gimbal calibration.
The lens utilises SCHOTT Optical Glass, high-definition grinding treatment.

Product Specification

Material: Aluminium, Optical Glass

Size: 20.7mm x 20mm x 13.8mm

Net Weight: 0.8g/PC

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