Tello Battery
Tello Battery
Tello Battery
Tello Battery

Tello Battery

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Full Description


The Tello Battery is designed for the Tello Mini Drone. It is easy to use with the Tello Mini Drone and has high-quality cells that offer greater usability with the Tello Mini Drone. This battery allows you to operate up to 13 Minutes with your drone.

Tello Battery

Tello Mini Drone Battery FAQs

How do I charge the Tello Battery

You can use the USB port on the mini-drone or using the charging hub

Does Tello support battery hot-swapping?

No. If you do so you may lose images and videos taken during the last flight

Product Specification

Tello Battery Specs

All the specs for the Tello Mini Drone Battery



1100 mAh


3.8 V

Battery Type

Lipo Battery


4.18 Wh

Net Weight

26 grams

Operating Temperature

5℃ to 45℃

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