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About HELIGUY.com™


Drone supply, training and support in the UK and USA.


To honestly advise, support & provide additional services; enabling people & businesses to advance faster in the commercial drone industry.

HELIGUY.COM™ Memberships, Accreditations And Awards

We hold a wide range of commercial, industry and service based accreditations and awards.

History and Structure

Learn more about the roots of HELIGUY.com™.

Our Journey

HELIGUY.com™ is the online retail brand presence of the company Colena Ltd, which started life as an RC Helicopter specialist in Northumberland, UK.

HELIGUY.com™ also have offices in the USA, based in Dallas, Texas - supplying DJI drones, support, repairs and training throughout the United States.

At HELIGUY.com™, we have always been focused on specialisation, which a higher level of support than the industry average.

We were unknowingly a part of this sector all the way back in 2009 when we built large RC helicopters capable of computerised autonomous flight.

We evolved the business, expanding the technical and training teams to build more units and to train people in what we already knew, giving them a head start in the evolving services sector.

The continuing evolution of HELIGUY.com™ includes fully FAA qualified drone trainers offering Part 107 tuition and specialist training for specific industry applications, to add to our existing UK based, CAA-Approved training team.

Our People

The owner of HELIGUY.com™ recognised the massive potential of drones from their very earliest stages of development.

Wasting no time in building a team who are driven to remain at the forefront of the growing UAV market, his background and family history in retail helped balance this with a customer-first mentality.

Since we first opened our doors, the importance of our loyal clients has never diminished.

We also believe that there is value in our additional services which save customers time and effort when something goes wrong.

The team at HELIGUY.com™ can offer unbeatable support on products, repairs, builds or training.

We accomplish this by drawing on the insider knowledge we accumulate on a daily basis, remaining an active part of the conversation in the drone sector in Europe, the USA and beyond.

Our Clients and partnerships...

Here are a selection of the calibre of clients Heliguy work with.

Client Testimonials

Hear client views on Heliguy's supply, support and service.

"The course was very professional, very well structured and very well delivered. I know the Heliguy instructors are great at what they do. For me, the most important part is the flying aspect, so I know the candidates are in safe hands."

Paul Lindup, Network Rail’s Drone Manager
Heliguy responded quickly to our initial request for drone defence in December and pulled out all the stops to make this happen. Since then, we have worked closely with them to build part of the airport’s overall solution and they have provided wide-ranging support and expertise along the way."

Spokesman for Gatwick Airport
"I did the ground school course in Farnborough and the flight assessment in Newcastle. I am a professional cinematographer and have worked on Emmy, Bafta and RTS award-winning films. The Heliguy team brought a lot of new insight and training to the table. The main input for me was their absolute rigorous approach to writing the Operations Manual which is such an important part of achieving the PfCO. All of the safety and training team pull together for you on this and make sure you have a watertight manual to present to the CAA. Well done guys, and thanks again."

Tony Coldwell - Cinematographer
"Absolutely brilliant. Paddy and the team did everything positively and went above and beyond to help us with our enquiry. Keep up the great job. Looking forward to working with them closely."

Hadid Habibi - Technical Director at Speir Hunter
"Heliguy helped our Geomatics Group to choose and purchase the SUAs that are suitable for the group’s current and forthcoming research projects. The Heliguy employees have shown high expertise and great willingness to design mounting solutions of different sensor payloads."

"Heliguy have also provided a comprehensive full training course for CAA approved commercial pilot of an SUA. During the course, the Heliguy team unravelled the complex UK regulations in a simple and easy way to enhance our understanding"

"The Heliguy head office is located at the Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate, very close to Newcastle University which is very convenient for a continuous fruitful future collaboration"

Maria Valasia Peppa - Newcastle University
"Drones provide vital information which stops us putting firefighters or police officers at risk. The relationship that we have as a drone team with Heliguy means that if we ever need expert advice or support, they are only a phone call away."

PC Alan Hincks, a drone pilot from the Northamptonshire Joint Operations Team and Northamptonshire Police
"Heliguy has industry-recognised expertise and offers a fantastic range of DJI products which have supported us in our business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Heliguy to others in the industry – communication is easy, the advice is there and they will even ship any rental equipment you require straight to site so you can be up and running without delay."

Wayne Hughes, Principal UAS Pilot, Balfour Beatty
"I couldn't think of a better team to work with as they pull out all the stops to make sure you have what you need and that every problem has been covered, I look forward to working with them over the coming months."

Lee Newman - Watch Manager at London Fire Brigade
"Having personally attended and passed the PfCO course from Heliguy I can pay tribute to the standard and quality of the content. The course was extremely well organized and structured to give me as a complete novice the knowledge that I needed. The support both before, during and after was key in ensuring that as a delegate I was reassured giving me the confidence to succeed. This was demonstrated by high mark passes in both theory and practical"

"As the first of four officers and staff that have now been through the course, we have debriefed our experience and all conclude the same, that Heliguy’s approach is well suited to bringing novice pilots up to standard in a measured, manageable and safe way"

A/INSP ED DELDERFIELD - Group Project Lead for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at Lincolnshire Police
"Heliguy's team have provided us with the necessary knowledge and aftercare in order to assist us with flying the drones. Whatever the problem, they are always just a phone call or visit away"

Natalie Iveson - Dales Surveying Ltd

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