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  • The Smart Tethering Station for Drones
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  • Compact Tethered Station for Challenging Environments
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Accessories for Commercial Use

Take Your Enterprise Missions Further  


ParaZero SafeAir Parachute

Heliguy has partnered with ParaZero to sell SafeAir parachutes for DJI drones, helping to increase safety and minimise damage in the result of a flight failure.

ParaZero’s SafeAir autonomous parachutes are the industry’s number one safety system.
The parachute automatically deploys from your drone if a catastrophic flight failure occurs, helping to protect bystanders on the ground and preventing loss of payload and substantial damage to your drone.
Cases of drones falling from the sky are very rare, but the parachute is an especially simple mitigation and provides reassurance if an unexpected emergency does occur.

How Does The Parachute Work?

The lightweight recovery system independently monitors key flight parameters of the drone’s avionic systems. The drone flight profile is collected and monitored for anomalies.

When critical failures are identified the mechanical flight termination system automatically cuts power to the drone’s rotors, preventing entanglement with the rotors and mitigating the risk of laceration injuries in the process. 
The batteries are disconnected once an unexpected descent begins, but remain with the drone.
The patented parachute deployment mechanism then opens the chute to full canopy in a fraction of a second. This controls the descent, enabling safe flight over people, even at low altitudes, and a safe landing of the drone. 
An audible alarm also sounds on the Matrice (M200 Series/M600 Pro) parachutes to draw attention for those on the ground.
Collected data is stored in a black box and can be used for post-deployment analysis.


Parachute Compatibility With DJI Drones

  • M200 Series. Compatible with DJI Matrice 200, Matrice 200 V2, Matrice 210, Matrice 210 V2 and Matrice 210 RTK. It is not compatible with the Matrice 210 RTK V2 model.
  • M600 Pro. Compatible with different antenna configurations including D-RTK model.
  • DJI Phantom 4 (excluding RTK model).
  • Mavic Pro Series.
  • Mavic 2 series, including the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual and Zoom (excluding modular accessories).


"I was very impressed by the ease of use of the system which integrates easily into the aircraft pre-flight checks and minimises damage to the drone in the event of an unexpected flight failure."

Ben Shirley, Head of Safety at Heliguy

CASE STUDY: Heliguy successfully tests drone parachute 

Elistair Tethered Drone Systems

Elistair’s smart tethering systems are ideal for persistent intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance capabilities and high-bandwidth communications.

These sophisticated solutions, compatible with a range of DJI drones (M200 Series,  Inspire Series,  M600),  are easy to use and allow operators to keep drones up in the air for  extended periods of time,  with flight times in excess of 10 hours.

The tethered systems are being used by major industrial companies and government agencies in more than 40 countries.

There are two types of Elistair Tethering Systems sold by Heliguy. These are:

Elistair Safe-T

Safe-T is a smart tethered station for commercial drones.

Fully-automated with unlimited power and high speed data transfer, this solution enables unlimited access to aerial views, in real time and in a secure manner.

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Elistair Ligh-T

Ligh-T is easily transportable and can be operational in seconds.

Designed for the field, Ligh-T provides access to several hours of continuous flights for emergency event management.

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"The Elistair Tethering System allowed us to significantly increase our flight time. During our previous missions, we did not have this system and the pressure related to battery life was huge." 

Alexandre Auger, CEO of Adéole

CASE STUDY: Tethering system helps French police 

Teradek Bond Backpack

The Teradek Bond is a complete solution for professional streaming suitable for broadcasters. It provides the very best in signal reception and video quality.



Built From Professional Parts


The Teradek Bond is an all in one solution, crafted from existing Teradek products that combine to create a portable experience for the user.

The H.264 or H.265 Cube encoder can stream in 4K and has a professional feature set including adaptive streaming and closed-captioning.

A Bond expansion module is the link between any Cube 600, 700 or 800 encoder and up to 4 extra modem connections.

Node 3G/4G/LTE modems provide industry-leading connectivity and weatherproofing to ensure your stream is stable and high quality.

Core is the cloud-based video management system with a built in Sputnik server that gives you complete control over your stream. It also allows archiving, remote configuration, transcoding and delivery to unlimited destinations simultaneously.

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"The person was successfully found and rescued. The entire operation was viewed live by heads of department after logging in to the  Teradek system. This proved to be an extremely valuable asset to many decision-makers. "

Ross Deyzel, IRIS Group


Controllers and Monitors

To take your commercial missions to the next step, a range of controllers and monitors are available to help you maximise the success and proficiency of your flight.

DJI Cendence Remote Controller


The Cendence remote controller is a professional-grade, customisable remote controller designed for full integration with other advanced DJI products like the Inspire 2 and CrystalSky monitor. 

It provides up to five analog control channels with over ten customisable buttons, improving overall control efficiency.

Its design offers antenna interchangeability where a high-gain antenna can augment the power of DJI Lightbridge technology, significantly increasing overall anti-interference and image quality.
The CrystalSky monitor mounts to the Cendence remote controller via the Cendence Monitor Mounting Bracket.
When precision camera control is required, Cendence can connect either as a Master or Slave controller
with the Inspire 2’s remote controller or another Cendence remote controller.

The Cendence S controller is compatible with the M200 Series V2.



DJI CrystalSky Monitor

Created for outdoor aerial imaging, the CrystalSky monitor  features an ultra-bright screen that is clearly visible in sunlight.  It is designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with the  DJI GO app, giving camera operators total control.

A maximum 2000 cd/m² of brightness means the CrystalSky monitor is more than four times as bright as typical mobile devices. On-screen details are clear and sharp, and colours are vibrant, giving the quality needed to fine tune image composition.

The CrystalSky monitor uses optimised video decoding to decode video in real-time. 

The CrystalSky monitor can quickly connect to a range of DJI drones, including the Inspire series, Phantom 4 series and Matrice series.




DJI Smart Controller

The DJI Smart Controller is designed to maximise your outdoor flying experience with the DJI Mavic 2 or other aircraft equipped with OcuSync 2.0.

A 5.5-inch built-in screen displays crystal-clear images, even in the most challenging environments.

The DJI Smart Controller boasts pre-installed features, such as SkyTalk and the DJI Go 4 app.

At 1000cd/m², the display is approximately twice as bright as a screen on a conventional smart device.  This helps to keep your feed viewable, even in direct sunlight.

The DJI Smart Controller's customised Android system and optimised DJI Go 4 app ensures focused and faster aerial creation. The Smart Controller also supports third-party apps for a variety of additional sharing and editing options.



"We used two CrystalSky Monitors, ideal for the conditions in the snowy mountains."

Chris Boyes, 5kdigitalfilm

CASE STUDY: 5kdigitalfilm uses inspire 2 and crystalsky monitors for stunning video  

DJI Battery Station

The Battery Station is a large storage, charging and transport case for the DJI Inspire 2 Intelligent Flight Batteries, designed for film crews and commercial drone pilots.  

Simultaneously charge up to eight TB50 Intelligent Flight Batteries as well as other devices including the Inspire 2 remote controller, CrystalSky and Cendence Intelligent Battery as well as mobile devices via USB ports.

The Battery Station can store up to 12 TB50 Intelligent Flight Batteries, two CrystalSky or Cendence Intelligent Batteries, and one CrystalSky or Cendence Battery Charging Hub.

Battery information can be viewed on the Battery Station’s LCD screen such as battery charge, remaining charge time, battery voltage and the firmware details. Battery firmware can also be updated when the Battery Station is connected to DJI Assistant 2 via a computer.

Safety measures are available such as a built-in cooling fan and automatic charging and discharging cancelling to prevent overheating.  

Transport the station with ease using its built-in wheels and telescopic handle.