Full Stack Drone Leasing

Lease the very latest equipment on a 12 month contract and get access to an array of value added services that will make running your drone operations a breeze.

Full Stack

A managed drone supply service for your drone program.

Reduce Risk | Cost Effective | All-Inclusive

Lease and Services in One Package

No third parties - lease drones from Heliguy directly to reduce costs.

Heliguy Fullstack is a comprehensive, dynamic drone offering to take your drone operations to new heights.

Lease the very latest equipment on a 12 month contract and get access to an array of value added services that will make running your drone operations a breeze.
Your account manager will be in constant contact, to ensure that you're squeezing every last drop of value from your drone program.
The Fullstack program is suitable for businesses with at least 1 drone in their fleet. 

Reduce upfront investment, ensure consistent uptime, always  have access to the latest equipment, special discounts on hiring any extra equipment you need and product evaluation trials.

Value Added Services

Heliguy Fullstack isn't just drones - it's a complete drone program.

Get access to a wide range of services when you join Heliguy Fullstack, including:

  • Lease all equipment over 12 months.
  • Upgrade to the latest model or get a brand new drone every 12 months.
  • Free trials of the latest equipment.
  • Complimentary hire when your equipment is being repaired.
  • Managed service schedule to keep equipment in pristine condition.
  • Priority technical support via email and phone.
  • Express repairs on DJI drones turned around in 72hrs.
  • Many more services listed below:

Special Purpose Entity

Reduce risk and lower initial capital outlay.

Heliguy Fullstack can be considered a Special Purpose Entity or Special Purpose Vehicle (SPE/SPV).

  • Your organization can lease all the necessary assets for your drone program from Heliguy.
  • No third parties are involved.
  • Leased assets do not appear on your organization's balance sheet.
  • Test the market without a commitment to hardware.
  • Protection against the fast-moving technological advances in the drone industry.
  • Protection against changes in operational requirements.


New Equipment every 12 months.

Flexi-Fleet - Access to subsidised Enterprise Rentals.

Courtesy drones for redundancy.

Huge range of accessories and spares available with package.


Managed service schedule for standard and predictive maintenance.

Access to priority technical support.

Automatic priority service for repairs with 72hr turnaround on DJI drones.

In-depth incident support.


On-site technology transfer service from handover to new pilot onboarding.

Free consultancy for Operations Manual renewals.

Drone data security, compliance and forensics consultancy.

Access to free annual flight training refresher courses.

Research & Development

Product evaluation trials to prove concepts and test workflow.

Test the latest "new-to-market" technology.

Custom build consultancy for bespoke applications.

Custom sensor integration consultancy.

Account Management

Dedicated relationship manager.

Dedicated technical support contact.

Dedicated operational support contact.


Inclusive CPD training credits.

VIP product events and networking days.

VIP access to Heliguy demonstrations.

Access to exclusive industry events with Heliguy.

Heliguy Fullstack FAQs

How long is a Heliguy Fullstack lease?

Our lease terms are 12 months for equipment. However, during this 12 months you can upgrade at any time without penalty.

Do I have to work with a third party leasing or finance company?

No - all Heliguy Fullstack programs are direct with Heliguy - you'll work only with us.

Is Heliguy Fullstack available for consumers?

No - Heliguy Fullstack is an enterprise only program.

Why would I choose Heliguy Fullstack over a standard purchase?

With our Fullstack service - you'll hugely reduce upfront costs, while getting access to a lot of valuable extra services that will help your drone operations succeed.