Heliguy Services for Commercial Drone Users

Services for Commercial Operations

Maintenance, Support and Training

Why choose Heliguy?

Since 2013 we have grown to what is now the largest UK DJI Retailer and service provider. Working with some of the largest commercial business like Balfour Beatty, National Grid and over 30 police forces.

We are an Authorised DJI Repair Centre and a CAA NQE offering PfCO courses and ES-Dot courses for emergency services.

PfCO Training

To become a commercial operator in the UK you must complete a PfCO course through a registered NQE.  Our trainers have a wealth of experience to help deliver a course that reflects the demands of a real-world commercial drone operation.

We offer training in locations across the UK ensuring maximum coverage for your fleet. We also offer on site training for Emergency Services on our ES-Dot Courses, this covers a wide range of information specific to operating within their organizations on response.

No Hidden Costs

Our three day course has no hidden costs. This opens the door for unlimited lifetime support, module resits and flight test resits all included in the price.

Trusted & Experienced

Our team have a wide background including commercial manned aviation and  military.  We have been delivery NQE courses for years, building a trusted brand alongside this.

Stunning Venues

We have venues across the UK all in accessible locations where ever you may be based.   The easily-accessible locations are based in the North East, Manchester and Farnborough.

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ES-DOT Courses

Our ES-DOT Course (   Emergency Services Drone Operators) has been designed to provide in depth  comprehensive  for Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance, Mountain Rescue,  Coast Guard and is also suitable for control centre support staff involved in the deployment of UAS.

Any Remote Pilot operating an Unmanned Aircraft System for any of these organizations must operate under a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Cumbria Constabulary

North Wales Police

Lincolnshire Police

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DJI Repair Centre

Heliguy are a fully Authorised DJI Repair Centre with a team of expert technicians who have been fully trained by DJI. Our staff have unparalleled levels of experience with the full DJI product range as well as working on other professional grade rigs. Our team have test-flown over 6000 repair cases with more coming in everyday. 

Our services and advice is always catered for the users experience level to give the best instructions.

Expert Repairs

Fast Track Available 

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HECTIC is the new research and development service by Heliguy, creating new and bespoke items whilst offering custom solutions for commercial drone applications.

HECTIC combines many years of experience and expertise in the UAV industry with ou dedicated and fully trained technicians. Together they have launched this consultancy service to provide tailor-made solutions, hardware and software integrations to the enterprise market.


HECTIC - which stands for Heliguy Electronics and Custom Technology Integration Centre - is our specialised research and development arm, which can be used to turn people’s ideas into reality.

UAV Workflow Consultancy

Custom Sensor Integration

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Coverdrone Insurance

Heliguy with Coverdrone are pleased to offer full UK drone insurance. Coverdrone is an industry leader in policies for commercial and recreational users is available in a range of flexible policy periods from one day to one year and everything in between. 
Policies are available to purchase by registering for free with Coverdrone via the FlySafe App, calling the team, or by their mobile friendly website. All policies are compliant with the EU regulation EC785/2004.

30 Day Flight Test & Training Policy

If you are on our PfCO course you will receive a 30-day policy following the ground school to practise your flying skills and take your flight assessment. Following a successful flight assessment, the premium of this policy will be refunded when you take out an annual policy within 60 days without a claim.

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Heliguy Drone Service

We have introduced a new drone servicing service to help keep your drone in the air for longer, these services are available on selected drones in the DJI range and ensure the health of your drone is maintained. This service is very beneficial for enterprise drone users servicing drones annually or every 6 months for heavy commercial use.


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