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DJI care refresh

DJI drone repair across the USA with drone specialist™.

Two Replacements In One Year™ offers the DJI Care Refresh policy to give you peace of mind during your next flight or job.

DJI Care Refresh is available for a range of DJI products and provides comprehensive coverage in the event of numerous scenarios, including water damage.

Advantages of purchasing DJI Care Refresh include:

  • Provides two replacement units for a small additional charge in one year.
  • Extend the period of your cover by signing up to DJI Care Refresh Plus
  • Covers a wide variety of accidents, such as water damage, user error, signal Interference, collision, and drop damage.™ offers a managed service on drone repairs, helping you with any queries you have about the DJI Care Refresh process.

What's Covered Under Warranty?

Have peace of mind on your next flight.

Cover on DJI drones, batteries, and remotes.™ offers a full warranty on all our DJI drones, remotes, and batteries.

Here is a table of how long items are covered for by our warranty.

Hardware Type

Warranty Length

DJI Drone

One Year

DJI Remote Controller

One Year

DJI Batteries

6 Months and Charge Cycle less than 200 Times

Here are some examples of circumstances where you will be covered by warranty:

  • I have received my drone and there is an error on screen - Covered by warranty subject to diagnosis call.
  • My drone was not following my inputs on the remote and crashed - Covered subject to data analysis.

Here are some examples of circumstances where you will NOT be covered by warranty:

  • Drone was in a no-fly zone - Reckless Flight.
  • All obstacle avoidance features were deactivated - Reckless Flight.
  • I kept flying even though the battery was low and I was warned to land - User Error.

Custom Drone Design & Development

H.E.C.T.I.C - Heliguy Electronics and Custom Technology Integration Centre

Bespoke Solutions For Bespoke Projects

HECTIC is a drone design and development service by Heliguy, creating bespoke items and offering custom solutions for commercial drone applications.

Using our many years of experience and expertise in the UAV industry, our dedicated and knowledgeable technicians have launched this invaluable consultancy to provide tailor-made products and hardware and software integrations.

HECTIC - which stands for Heliguy Electronics and Custom Technology Integration Centre - is our specialized research and development arm, which can be used to turn people’s ideas into reality.

Our in-house R&D lab focuses on drone design, custom drone builds, custom drone cameras and custom drone gimbal attachments.

So, if you have a solution to a problem in mind, but do not know how to produce it, that’s where HECTIC comes in.

The™ lab is based at our UK headquarters, but we offer free shipping to clients in the U.S. who want to utilize our R&D service. 

HECTIC Case Studies


M600 Sony Sensor Integration

World-renowned engineering and design company Atkins is benefiting from a Sony RX1R II sensor and a DJI M600 Pro - integrated by Heliguy’s R&D team.

We created a solution which involved a custom cable to trigger the camera and power the Sony device from the gimbal’s power supply.

"Heliguy was able to integrate our chosen sensor which, when combined with our high-precision GNSS, enables us to capture and generate accurate, repeatable data."
"Heliguy’s design and development focus was a big part of why we chose them to assemble our chosen drone"

James Fleming - Atkins

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Newcastle University

M600 Pro LiDAR Integration

HECTIC completed a custom build for Newcastle University, integrating a DJI M600 Pro with a LiDAR system by designing a custom-mounting solution.

This was done thanks to HECTIC’s rapid in-house prototyping.

"The Heliguy employees have shown high expertise and great willingness to design mounting solutions of different sensor payloads."
Maria-Valasia Peppa - Newcastle University

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CG Labs

DJI M600 Pro with a Canon EOS 5DS

Global drone services provider CG Labs turned to Heliguy for a custom drone build for a challenging mapping mission in the Middle Eastern desert.

Heliguy’s in-house technical team integrated the DJI M600 Pro with a Canon EOS 5DS DSLR, as well as built a GPS module on top of the aircraft to allow full GPS tagging.

"We knew that Heliguy could carry out the work having used them before on other projects."
"They fully understood the brief and delivered a product that we required"

Mike Hibberd - CG Labs

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Custom Drone Sensor Integration Examples

Custom Drone Sensor Integration Examples

HECTIC has experience of creating custom gimbal mounting solutions and custom drone cameras to help their client's maximize the use of their sensor technology.

The team at HECTIC has helped various companies overcome issues with sensors being mounted incorrectly, interfering with other sensors and creating unique power or firing solutions to help use different sensors while in the air.

Some of these integrations have been completed in as little as five days for urgent applications.

Phantom 4 Parrot Sequoia

This unique sensor was mounted to the DJI Phantom 4. Including custom mount, power solution utilizing the drone's battery and solution to GPS interference.

Matrice 210 Parrot Sequoia

The Parrot Sequoia was mounted to the DJI Matrice 210 drone using a custom 3D-printed mounting case and custom power solution.

Multi-camera Solution

We helped the James Hutton Institute – an interdisciplinary scientific research institute in Scotland – by integrating a drone with a Sony A7R, thermal and MAIA multi-spectral camera. The multi-spectral camera also has a triggering system, which allows users to begin triggering the camera from the drone controller. 

If you have a specific sensor that you think would supercharge your aerial operations - but an integration for that sensor doesn't exist - contact the HECTIC team for advice.™ HECTIC Original R&D Products

HECTIC has been hard at work for a number of years here at Heliguy.

These are just an example of some of the original products that have been created by the team and have received some incredible feedback from industry partners.

DJI Mavic 2 Drone Cage

Heliguy has built a lightweight and robust cage for the DJI Mavic 2 drone series, ideal for internal inspection, accessing hard-to-reach areas, and enhancing flight safety.

Designed by our expert in-house team, this new product is a collision-proof solution to maximize data collection and missions in hostile places and confined areas.

It is an affordable entry to the market, offering a more cost-effective solution compared to other caged drones.

Order Mavic 2 Cage

Canine Head Camera

Our expert team has also created a dog camera, which has been designed for the police and is ideal for a range of missions, including house clearances, firearms operations and search and rescue.

This ultra-light bespoke tool features a high-definition camera which is attached to the dog and rapidly transmits footage back to a 4K screen which can be worn and monitored by police officers. The camera is mounted directly onto the dog’s head with two adjustable straps. The soft helmet holds the camera steady in place without causing discomfort to the dog.

The camera allows the handler to work behind the dog from a position of safety but still gain a picture of what is happening ahead. The search and footage can be viewed by the dog handler who can identify changes in the dog’s behaviour or the operational firearms commander.

We demonstrated the Heliguy Canine Head Camera with Durham Police's Dog Support Unit and officers were pleased with what they saw.

Learn what durham police thought

Need a Non-Disclousre Agreement for your Project?

HECTIC is working on a number of exciting projects which are under NDA.

While we can’t disclose too much about them at the moment, we can say that our research and development team is creating bespoke builds for a variety of sectors, including construction, security and the emergency services. 
At HECTIC, we know how sensitive some projects can be, so we are happy to enter into NDAs to ensure our clients’ ideas are kept secret. We won’t say a word to the outside world, until we are instructed otherwise.