Using Drones for Public Safety

DJI drones have transformed public safety operations, becoming an essential tool for the police, firefighters, security personnel, and search and rescue teams.

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Drones enhance response times and mission success by providing rapid, real-time situational awareness to help shape tactics and deployment. They also cover large areas of land more quickly than traditional methods - particularly important for search and rescue.

Drones also enhance safety by accessing potentially risky areas or situations, keeping personnel away from danger in the process.  

Thermal cameras can be used for a range of missions, from finding missing people to detecting hotspots during a fire, while zoom cameras are able to capture crucial information from afar and are a useful tool for surveillance, crowd control and crime-scene analysis.  

Drones like the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise can be integrated with key accessories, such as a  loudspeaker or dual spotlight. The speaker can be used to feed vital information to a casualty or a suspected criminal, while the spotlight helps with search and rescue missions.

Mark Talliss, of Wiltshire Police, said: “Drones allow us to pre-position each unit before we deploy from the ground and it is also great for capturing evidence. Drones are a massive game-changer. We can see what’s going on and watch the movement of people. Having footage go straight to the control room in real-time is so beneficial. You can’t write this stuff.”

DJI Gold Partner Heliguy supplies and supports more than 40 public safety organizations, including Greater Manchester Police, and provides dedicated and tailored closed course training for the emergency services.