VAT Charges

We deliver worldwide and offer VAT-free sales to qualifying customers. The following information defines the pre-requisite criteria for a sale to be VAT-free:


UK Sales

VAT is chargeable on all UK sales irrespective of the payment method unless the goods provided are being used for medical research purposes and the customer provides a valid exemption certificate prior to the point of sale.

UK customers who are registered for VAT are able to reclaim 100% of the VAT charged through their VAT return process.




Eu Sales

VAT is not charged on EU sales to Non-UK based EU customers who are registered for VAT and provide a valid VAT registration number at the point of sale. This can be done on-line during the checkout process or by updating your Heliguy account profile.

The following countries are within the EU for VAT purposes:

  • AT: Austria (including Jungholtz and Mittelberg)
  • BE: Belgium  
  • BG: Bulgaria  
  • HR: Croatia  
  • CY: Cyprus
  • CZ: Czech Republic 
  • DK: Denmark
  • EE: Estonia 
  • FI: Finland 
  • FR: France (including Monaco and Corsica)
  • DE: Germany  
  • GR: Greece  
  • HU: Hungary 
  • IT: Italy (including Sardinia)
  • LV: Latvia  
  • LT: Lithuania 
  • LX: Luxembourg  
  • MT: Malta  
  • NL: Netherlands  
  • PL: Poland  
  • PT: Portugal (including Madeira and the Azores)
  • RO: Romania 
  • SK: Slovakia 
  • SI: Slovenia 
  • ES: Spain (including Majorca, Ibiza, & Menorca)
  • SE: Sweden 


VAT numbers are validated through the VIES VAT number validation portal: VIES VAT NUMBER CHECKER




Global Sales

Sales to non-EU customers where the delivery is outside the EU are exempt from VAT charges and will include a full commercial invoice to aid customs clearance on importation to the destination country.

Please note that where a non-EU based customer wishes to collect goods from our premises (or anywhere within the EU) then we are obliged to charge VAT at the prevailing rate on the whole sale. In this situation we can prepare and supply a VAT reclaim form so that VAT can be reclaimed on proof of exportation of the goods outside the EU (we will charge no administration fee to do this for you).

The following Countries are outside the EU for VAT purposes:

  • AX: Aland Islands
  • AD: Andorra
  • IC: Canary Islands
  • EA: Ceuta
  • UK: Channel Islands
  • FO: Faroe Islands
  • GF: French Guiana
  • GI: Gibraltar
  • GP: Guadeloupe
  • IS: Iceland
  • DE: Isle of Heligoland
  • LI: Liechtenstein
  • MQ: Martinique
  • EA: Melilla
  • PM: Miquelon
  • GR: Mount Athos
  • NO: Norway
  • RE: Reunion
  • SM: San Marino
  • PM: St Pierre
  • CH: Switzerland