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CAA Ground School - What to Expect
If you live in the UK and are looking to operate a Multicopter commercially you do need permissions to fly, The CAA, (Civil Aviation Authority) is the organisation that manages the rules. They govern the airways for all aircraft types to ensure we can all operate together safely. They also have preference on what terminology we use to describe our aircraft and systems - 'drone', Rem....
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The Future is Firefighting with Drones
Over the past two years we have had many enquiries about the value that a drone could offer to firefighting. Lets cut to the chase, a small UAV like the DJI Phantom allows for incident management, increases information and efficiencies and ultimately saves lives for little money.

So why doesn't every Fire Crew in the world already have a drone to re....
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DJI Phantom 2 H33D OR Phantom 2 Vision +
The DJI Phantom 2 with H33D for GoPro allows the most professional solution at the price point. The GoPro Hero 4 Black provides the user with a versatile aerial camera capable of 120fps 1080p footage and 30fps 4K footage.

The H33D FPV package extends the use of the GoPro by allowing instant footage sent via a Boscam Thunderbolt Transmitter. Cou....
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