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Learning Management

RAE 1447 (in the past...NQE 1447) one of the oldest and most comprehensive certification centres in the UK. No guaranteed pass here, beyond the syllabus and keeping you safer.

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M2E Advanced

This is what we have all been waiting for: 48MP RGB sensor coupled with a 640 x 512 thermal camera, 32x digital zoom, AES-256 encryption and with optional RTK for precise operation.

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Aerial Strategy

We supply drones to Premier League football clubs, including Manchester City, to help them gain bird's eye views of training sessions. This top-down angle enables players and coaches to achieve a much clearer perspective than a field-side view.

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Managing Accidents

We believe this is the one area where you really begin to find out that you've chosen the right partner. A complex situation of repairs management, replacements, swap outs, warranty, crash support, data analysis and resolution with the manufacturer. Pick the wrong supplier and you could get 'stuck in the mud'.

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Mavic 2 Drone Cage

Designed by heliguy™ in-house, the lightweight and collision-proof Mavic 2 Drone Cage protects your drone and is ideal for inspection missions in confined or hard-to-reach places. This protective frame is a cost-effective addition to the caged drone market.

Internal inspection

M300 RTK Super Combo

Comprehensive rental solutions enabling you to evaluate your ideal investment before committing to capital outlay. There are a number of significant advantages to rental that could allow you to reduce your business costs while gaining access to some of the best equipment available.

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Terra Virtual Server

Get access to heliguy™ virtual server and experience the capabilities of Terra for processing data from your P1 or L1. Trial access available to see if the Terra is the software tool you want to invest in. Arrange an informal discussion alongside and get all your questions answered.

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DJI X-Port

DJI X-Port opens the door to fast custom payload integration, expanding the capabilities of commercial drone missions. This innovative gimbal dramatically reduces development time and helps bring new third-party sensors and cameras to the enterprise industry.

DJI X Port

DJI Inspire 2 Stunning Cinematics

Watch this stunning aerial videography captured on the Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X5 and X7 cameras.

Learn how the DJI Inspire 2 re-invented an experienced filmmaker working with the BBC and L’Oréal.

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Rebrand 2021 - S.E.D.

The America's Cup; Looking to rule the waves again. S.E.D. were asked by Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) to create a powerful new look for the America's Cup boat. The same company we enlisted to lead the rebrand of heliguy™.

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Repair Refresh

So you have 2 options to protect your drone: heliguy™ Repair Refresh or DJI Care Refresh. Choosing Repair Refresh ensures our in-house tech team manages everything for you. Our tech department is fully-trained by DJI and has vast experience.

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Drone Assistive Programme

You are a big company with expensive assets with exemplary Health & Safety standards. You can't just do a GVC course and let your employees on site. We've been working on this proposition for over 9 months in private with multiple large companies. A huge investment & collaboration with key stakeholders to create a comprehensive 'Global Drone Assistive' course with ongoing life time support. More details to follow soon.

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Drone spotlight

From nighttime search and rescue missions to low-light inspections, a drone spotlight can be an essential tool. Southport Lifeboat crew described the Z15 spotlight - which can integrate with the M300 RTK and M200 Series V2 platforms - as an effective solution, even from as high as 400ft.

Z15 Spotlight

Closed Courses

An element of heliguy™ never advertised until now. Multiple candidates taught in the field and classroom environment with tailored content. These courses are more intense and now account for nearly 40 weeks a year from our friendly and experienced training team.

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Geographic Information Systems: It is crucial that surveying drones, sensors and software can be integrated quickly and effectively into your infrastructure process. At heliguy™ we always like to focus and do the core offerings really well so we have specialised in what we think is the most cost-effective solution in this field with highest ROI for effort. Standardised outputs so not to upset your traditional workflow.

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Counter UAS

We are one of the largest counter drone businesses in the UK, with installations covering large swathes of the UK's most congested airspace. We offer hardware supply, rental, installation assessment & configuration, installation integration, monitoring, licensing and training. If you need to find out what you are facing we can deploy G8 detection systems on rental in order for you to evaluate before commitment.

drone defence solutions


Operational Safety Cases: Special privileges granted by the CAA to fly closer or further than standard permissions allow. You need someone who is a technical writing specialist, has written lots of successful applications and who used to work in the CAA department which granted these permissions: Look no further than our consultant, Josh. The whole process will also bring you absolute clarity in terms of your operational procedures. Money well spent.

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heliguy™ #sitrep

heliguy™  is an industry-leading supplier of consumer and commercial DJI drones, and drone training accreditation issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

We have lots of international experience to support global operations around the world, if you are based on 2 continents we can help.

heliguy™ is a true one-stop drone shop, with in-house DJI-trained technicians for repairs and custom projects, alongside some innovative finance solutions to enable successful adoption and scaling of commercial drone programmes.

We also specialise in drone defence, offering layered C-UAS solutions centered on DJI AeroScope.

DJI Drones

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