How is Osmo Mobile 6 upgraded compared with DJI OM 5?


  • Osmo Mobile 6 adds a status panel to view the current gimbal mode more conveniently.
  • Osmo Mobile 6 adds an axis lock to secure the gimbal for convenient storage. 
  • Osmo Mobile 6 adds a side wheel to control zoom and focus.
  • The joystick of Osmo Mobile 6 has been upgraded to provide a better operating experience.


  • Osmo Mobile 6 adds a magnetic alignment detection function. When the dots are not aligned to indicate the correct attachment of the Magnetic Phone Clamp to the gimbal, the system indicator on the status panel blinks red.
  • Osmo Mobile 6 provides improved ActiveTrack for more stable tracking at longer distances. It also supports the front camera to track the profile and turning around of the subject.
  • Osmo Mobile 6 supports quick launch for more efficient use.
  • M button of Osmo Mobile 6 can switch between gimbal modes.
  • Osmo Mobile 6 has an upgraded Magnetic Phone Clamp with a wider clamping range.


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