How to use Cruise Control on DJI Mini 4 Pro

The cruise control function makes long distance flights effortless and helps you avoid image shaking (which often happens during manual operating).

It does so by enabling the aircraft to lock the control stick input of the remote controller, allowing you to automatically fly at the current speed.

Set the Cruise Control Button

  1. To use the function you have to set a cruise control shortcut button first, open the app settings and select Control.

    Cruise Control settings
  2. Scroll down to Button Customisation. 

    Button customisation

  3. Set one customisable button of the remote controller to Cruise Control.

    Button customisation

Enter Cruise Control

  1. While pushing the control sticks, press the cruise control button once.

    Cruise Control button

  2. The aircraft will keep flying automatically at the current speed corresponding to the control stick input, the control sticks can now be released.

    Cruise Control enabled

  3. After the control sticks return to the centre, push them again to change the flight speed and direction.

  4. Press the cruise control button again and the aircraft will automatically fly at the updated speed.


  • Cruise control cannot be used during take-off, RTH, or landing.

  • More camera movements such as spiralling up can be achieved by increasing the control stick input.

How to exit cruise control

  1. To exit cruise control, press the Flight Pause button on the remote controller once.

  2. Tap on the X icon on the left side of the camera view.

    Exit Cruise Control

  3. Or press the cruise control button once when not moving any control stick.
    The aircraft will then brake and hover.


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