How to use MasterShots on DJI Mini 4 Pro

MasterShots is a feature which supports automatic aerial photography and post-editing, streamlining the process of creating and sharing content. 

The aircraft automatically selects from Proximity, Landscape or Portrait and after shooting is complete footage is automatically edited.

A variety of templates are available for impressive videos with a single tap. 

How to use MasterShots

  1. Before flight observe your surroundings carefully and make sure to choose an open unobstructed space.

  2. After take-off adjust the aircraft to your desired height and position.

    Height and distance parameters
  3. Tap the shooting mode icon on the right side of the camera view, and select MasterShots.

    MasterShots icon
  4. After selecting the subject, the aircraft will automatically select one of the three flight routes ( Proximity, Landscape or Portrait) based on subject type and distance.

    Aircraft estimating flight time


  1. When a person appears in the frame, you can tap the plus in the camera view.

    Selecting Portrait mode
  2. Or drag a box around the person to initiate the Portrait mode of MasterShots.

    Selecting person for Portrait mode
  3. After confirming the subject the map expands automatically in the bottom left corner, displayed are the estimated flight routes and area. 

    Estimated flight time and selected width of shot
  4. You can adjust the width, length and height of the flight area based on your surroundings. 

  5. Tap Start to begin shooting. 

    Start shooting icon


  1. If the subject is scenery the aircraft will automatically calculate the distance between the aircraft.

    Flight parameters
  2. Once shooting starts, Proximity or Landscape can be used based on the result with the flight routes displayed on the map.
Shooting modes available with Proximity:
  • Dronie 
  • Circle 
  • Rocket
  • Pitch Up and Fly Forward 
  • Camera Down and Flying Forward 
  • Camera Straight and Descent
  • Camera Down and Descent 


  • After selecting the subject, you can adjust the distance the aircraft and subject by moving the control sticks manually 

 How to Exit MasterShots

  1. During shooting tap the red icon on the right side of the camera view 

    Exit Camera View
  2. Or press the Flight Pause button on the remote controller once.

    Flight button
  3. The aircraft will exit MasterShots immediately and hover.


Shooting will also stop if:

  • The aircraft flies too close to a restricted zone
  • The aircraft flies too close to altitude zone
  • If the aircraft's system is triggered during flight 

How to use the Editor

  1.  After shooting is complete tap the Playback button to preview the footage.

    Playback button
  2. Tap Create MasterShots to preview the MasterShots video. 

    Create MasterShots
  3. More templates are available for creative editing. 

    Creative Templates


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