What are the Open, Specific and Certified drone categories?

Under the new uk drone laws three categories define where drones can be flown.

These categories are:

Open: Operations that present a low (or no) risk to third parties.

Specific: Operations that present a greater risk than that of the Open category, or where one or more elements of the operation fall outside the boundaries of the Open Category. Holding an Operational Authorisation - similar to the former PfCO - allows you to fly in this category.

Certified: Operations that present an equivalent risk to that of manned aviation. This category is for high-complexity missions.

The Open Category is broken down into three subcategories:

A1: Fly over people.

A2: Fly close to people.

A3: Fly far from people.

Each of these subcategories has more specified criteria of where/how your drone can be operated.


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What are the Open, Specific and Certified drone categories?

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