DJI AirWorks 2019: Heliguy to open in the USA

DJI AirWorks 2019: Heliguy to open in the USA

Heliguy - one of the world's leading drone suppliers - is to open in Dallas, Texas, as part of a major expansion into the USA - it has been revealed at DJI's AirWorks conference.

Last updated: Mar 04, 2021

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heliguy™ - one of the world's leading drone suppliers - is to open in Dallas, Texas, as part of a major expansion into the USA - it has been revealed at DJI's AirWorks conference.

With more than a decade of experience in the UAS industry and having established ourselves as one of DJI's largest and most trusted European enterprise channel partners, heliguy™ has decided that the time is right to bring our award-winning model of service and support to America.

The view from the DJI AirWorks conference in Downtown Los Angeles, USA

UK-based heliguy™ - a DJI Gold Partner - will serve the American commercial drone sector, offering a vast stock pool of aircraft, payloads and ancillaries from DJI and other major industry names to transform workflows across public safety, infrastructure, construction, mining, agriculture and film/media.

For us, heliguy™ proved to be a reliable partner and supplier of DJI equipment when the crunch time was on. Welcome to the USA.

Christof Schmid, from heliguy™ client Sulzer Schmid

This will build on our successful enterprise formula, which has seen us establish an esteemed list of clients including Balfour Beatty, Terra Drone Europe, Sulzer Schmid, The BBC, National Geographic, Network Rail, London Fire Brigade and Sellafield Sites, as well as forge a worldwide network of partners with key industry players such as SlantRange, 3DR, MicaSense, DroneDeploy, Delair, ParaZero and Hasselblad.

Some of Heliguy's partners.

heliguy™ will also be bringing our successful consumer brand to the USA, offering DJI's best hobbyist and professional equipment - from the Mavic range, to the ground-breaking Osmo line of handheld cameras and the educational robot, the RoboMaster S1.

As an acclaimed DJI dealer in the UK, 3DR chose to partner with heliguy™ due to their credibility and deep industry expertise.

Merlin Love, VP of Sales at 3DR

heliguy™ started life more than a decade ago and has deep roots in America. Since then, heliguy™ has embraced and been at the forefront of the constantly evolving drone industry and has built a formidable reputation from our base in the North East of England.

Opening in America is an exciting next chapter in the heliguy™ story and we look forward to connecting the USA and Europe and cross-pollinating skills and expertise.

Customers will be able to take advantage of next-day delivery and the same 50-day returns policy offered in Europe.

To find out how heliguy™ can support, scale or start your enterprise drone programme, or to find out about our consumer range, click here.

heliguy™ to the USA

heliguy™ launching in America was exclusively announced at DJI's flagship AirWorks conference in Los Angeles.

DJI AirWorks 2019 was held at Westin Bonaventure, in Los Angeles.

The exciting news was revealed during a presentation by Heliguy's Business Development Manager Ruairi Hardman, who was specially invited by DJI to be one of the expert speakers at this year's event.

Fittingly, Mr Hardman's speech - in partnership with our client Terra Drone Europe - focused on the importance of global cooperation in the drone industry as a driver for success, and how heliguy™ is integral to this.

Heliguy's Ruairi Hardman and James Willoughby, with Patrick Rickerby, of Terra Drone Europe, after we announced our American launch at AirWorks.

He said: "I am very excited to announce that heliguy™ is launching in the USA. heliguy™ is committed to providing clients with access to the whole drone ecosystem and to the heliguy™ model of support and service.

"We are open to and welcome any cooperation with anyone who we can assist - both clients and service providers - and look forward to helping them utilise drone technology to maximise efficiency savings and enhanced safety."

During the AirWorks conference, heliguy™ began to build relationships and talk to some key players in the USA drone industry, including New York City Fire Department, Duke Energy Corporation, and Terra Drone Ventus (the USA division of Terra Drone Corporation).

Meeting Duke Energy Corporation.
Learning more about how New York City Fire Department is using drones.
Meeting Terra Drone Ventus.

In an exclusive interview with heliguy™, Romeo Durscher, DJI's Director of Public Safety Integration, backed our American launch.

DJI's Romeo Durscher giving an exclusive interview to heliguy™ during AirWorks 2019.

He said: "This is exciting. heliguy™ is crossing boundaries, just like a drone does, and that is what it is all about.

"We are an ecosystem across the globe. heliguy™ can bring its experiences to America and heliguy™ can learn from us. I am excited to say that heliguy™ is now part of our family in the USA."

Awards and Accreditations - What Are Heliguy's Credentials?

Having started life in 2006 as an RC helicopter specialist, heliguy™ shifted its focus into the emerging drone market.

Since then, we have become a leading player in the industry and established ourselves as a DJI Gold Partner, certifying our expert knowledge and services to enterprise customers.

Heliguy's Ruairi Hardman with the Enterprise Award from DJI.

heliguy™ also specialises in counter-UAS and has installed DJI's AeroScope drone defence system at major UK airports.

heliguy™ installing the UK’s first AeroScope G16 solution.

What Our Clients Say

heliguy™ values the importance of the drone ecosystem and has helped to supply and support an impressive list of enterprise clients.

Here are what some of them have had to say about us:

Balfour Beatty

International infrastructure firm, Balfour Beatty, is using drones to transform its operations. heliguy™ has supplied the company with a range of equipment, including the DJI Phantom 4 RTK, for a range of jobs, including a major, multi-million-pound Smart Motorway project in The Midlands, England.

Thanks to drones, Balfour Beatty is enhancing safety, increasing efficiency, gathering data faster, improving asset productivity and gaining high-accuracy results.

So why did world-renowned Balfour Beatty turn to heliguy™ as its drone provider?

Wayne Hughes, Principal UAS Pilot at Balfour Beatty, said: "Heliguy has industry-recognised expertise and offers a fantastic range of DJI products which have supported us in our business.

"Heliguy offers a good range of support, from the initial query, through the transaction and then advice and technical support after the purchase. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend heliguy™ to others in the industry – communication is easy, the advice is there and they will even ship any rental equipment you require straight to site so you can be up and running without delay."

Terra Drone Europe

Another one of Heliguy's major enterprise clients is Terra Drone Europe - one of the biggest drone service providers in the world.

Using Heliguy-supplied drones - including the DJI M200 Series - Terra Drone conducts numerous offshore inspections for major oil companies. The drones help the client save time and money, make difficult-to-reach areas accessible and increase safety.

Praising heliguy™, Terra Drone Europe's Technical Director, Patrick Rickbery, said: "We loved dealing with Heliguy's Business Development staff and we know that heliguy™ provides the equipment we need with rapid turnaround time. The team understands our needs and supports us."

Derbyshire Constabulary

heliguy™ has delivered a number of specialist training courses (ES-DOT) to South Yorkshire Police to help the Force expand its drone fleet and offer 24/7 drone coverage.

PC Tom Gee said: "The training delivered by the heliguy™ team is always fantastic, I cannot recommend them enough and I would say that the heliguy™ ES-DOT Course is essential for the emergency services. The heliguy™ training team is dedicated to making sure that the officers have all of the knowledge and skills to be able to deploy a drone confidently."

To book a consultation or to see how heliguy™ can support, scale or start your drone programme in the USA, click here or call (862) 298-5964.

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