DJI Inspire 2 And X5S Used For Queen's Speech

DJI Inspire 2 And X5S Used For Queen's Speech

An Inspire 2 drone and X5S camera - supplied by DJI Gold Partner Heliguy - were used to film stunning aerial shots of Windsor Castle for the Queen's Speech 2019.

Last updated: Mar 09, 2021

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  • DJI Inspire 2 drone and X5S camera, supplied by heliguy™, were used to film aerial scenes at Windsor Castle for the Queen's Christmas 2019 Speech;
  • The X5S captured stunning visuals and stable footage in heavy wind;
  • Crowded Space Drones was chosen for the job. Director Andrew McQuillan said the shots would not be possible without drone technology;
  • The drone and camera were supplied by DJI Gold Partner Heliguy. Andrew praised Heliguy's supply and support service, including our industry expertise.

A DJI Inspire 2 drone and X5S camera - supplied by heliguy™ - were used to film 'the first UHD 4K Queen's Speech'.

Andrew McQuillan, Director of Crowded Space Drones, said it was an honour to be chosen for the prestigious job in December.

Joined by pilot Ritchie Southerton, the team captured stunning aerial shots of Windsor Castle, which were used during the Queen's iconic Christmas Day 2019 broadcast - watched by almost 8 million people.

Stunning drone shot of Windsor Castle, captured by the DJI Inspire 2 and X5S camera.

The shoot showcased the cinematic capabilities of the Inspire 2 and X5S - a go-to pairing for top-end videographers.

The job also demonstrated the reliability of this set-up, as the drone and camera performed remarkably well in heavy gusts, and proved why unmanned aircraft is the ideal tool for this type of mission.

Crowded Space Drones are long-time clients of heliguy™, praising us for our drone supply, industry expertise, and aftercare support.

'These Shots Would Not Be Possible Without Drones'

The Queen's Speech broadcast opened with a spectacular drone shot of Windsor Castle, followed by a close-up of The Royal Standard - as can be seen in the video below.

Andrew said: "These shots would not be possible without drone technology. We were able to get as close as we wanted to, and we captured a lot more content than was used.

"A helicopter couldn't get that low to the castle and you couldn't get such detailed shots without a drone. Plus, the drone is a much cheaper option than using a helicopter."

It was also a quicker method, as Andrew and the team had to operate in a 'very tight time window' and shoot before the castle opened to the public. Relying on rapid drone deployment made logistical sense.

Because of the time constraints, the team had to operate in tricky flight conditions - but the Inspire 2 and X5S were more than up to the task.

The DJI Inspire 2 with the X5S camera.

Andrew said: "It was a blustery day, but the drone and camera handled themselves well. It was gusting between 20 and 35 knots, so it was quite challenging conditions to fly in. But the gimbal did fantastically well and, looking at the quality and stability of the footage, you can not tell that the wind was as strong as it was.

"Overall, the Inspire 2 and X5S is a brilliant combination. It is reliable, tolerant to difficult weather conditions, and you can capture some incredible shots.

"One of the key client considerations is that a lot of camera crews use Sony cameras for on-the-ground shots and the X5 matches up very well with these cameras. We gave the production team different camera options, but they chose the X5S."

Reflecting on the job as a whole, Andrew said: "It was a genuine thrill to film the first UHD 4K Queen's Speech. We were honoured and privileged to be invited to Windsor Castle to film the Christmas broadcast. Filming for Her Majesty in such an iconic location will be something our flight crew will remember forever."

Andrew McQuillan, left, with Ritchie Southerton, right. Holding the Inspire 2 is Paul, from Crowded Space Drones, who was used as a spotter for the job. They are standing in front of Windsor Castle.

The Queen's 2019 Christmas Day Broadcast saw a 20% increase in viewers compared to the previous year, with 7.85 million people tuning in to watch Her Majesty deliver her annual festive message.

'Heliguy Has A Great Track Record'

DJI Gold Partner heliguy™ is Andrew's prefered drone supplier, thanks to our large inventory of stock and our industry-leading expertise.

He said: "The reason we use heliguy™ is that they have a great track record, not just for supplying the equipment but also for their technical knowledge. They have an in-house repair centre, but nine-and-a-half times out of 10, they will give you enough information over the phone to help you resolve any issue you might have. We really value Heliguy's aftercare.

"We bought the Inspire 2 and X5S from heliguy™, but we do also use Heliguy's rental service, which is a great option to back up our resources and for short-term jobs."

About Crowded Space Drones

Crowded Space Drones is based in Belfast and London, but the company operates globally with pilots and clients across Europe, USA & Australia.

Crowded Space Drones uses unmanned aircraft for aerial filming, public safety, and inspection, and has built a client list which includes the BBC, Sky, MTV, Arsenal FC, Walmart and Live Nation.

To speak to our expert sales team, give us a call or send us an email. If you buy your drones from heliguy™, you can take advantage of our 50-days return policy, two-year warranty, and 0% finance options. You can also take out Repair Refresh to give you a comprehensive cover policy.

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