DJI Introduce a UK General Knowledge Quiz

DJI Introduce a UK General Knowledge Quiz

DJI have just announced a new general knowledge quiz for pilots in the UK. All pilots must successfully answer questions on drone rules before their 1st flight.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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DJI Introduce a UK General Knowledge Quiz Ahead of the new UK Drone Bill, due for release in Spring of 2018, DJI have announced a new general knowledge quiz for all pilots flying in the UK. The quiz will be mandatory for all pilots operating in UK Airspace before their first flight and delivered through the DJI GO 4 app. The general knowledge quiz is set for release on Friday the 22/12/2017 before the influx of new pilots receiving drones for Christmas. In a statement from the CAA on the 02/12/2017, they estimated an additional 1.5 million drones could be joining the UK Airspace with over a quarter of new pilots buying a drone for Christmas being unaware of UK rules and regulations. Keep reading for more details on the new DJI general knowledge quiz and what you need to know.

Key Points

Let’s take a look at what we know about the general knowledge quiz so far.
  • The general knowledge quiz is a set of eight questions, all of which will have to be answered correctly before the pilot is able to fly their drone. The drone will be grounded until this is complete
  • If a pilot is unsuccessful, they will be able to retake the quiz with a set of new questions. There’s no limit to the number of times the quiz can be taken and no mention of any time limits
  • Questions are expected to be based around the Drone Code and general laws pertaining to drone use and UK Airspace
  • Pilots are only required to take the test once, however, following firmware or regulation updates, a new test may be required
  • Earlier this year, DJI launched a general knowledge quiz in the US based on the FAA regulations
  • The use of general knowledge quizzes form DJI is expected to be expanded to other countries in the near future
  • The implementation of the quiz has the backing of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems UK (ARPAS-UK) as it will promote safer and more responsible drone flight
Keep reading for more information on the current UK drone regulations.

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Current UK Drone Rules

Questions included in the general knowledge quiz are likely going to related to the following UK drone regulations. The current regulations are as follows:
  • You must fly your drone within your visual line of sight
  • Always fly your drone lower than 400ft (121m) and within 1640ft (500m)
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your individual aircraft
  • Never fly within 150ft (50m) of a person, vehicle, or construction that’s not controlled by the pilot
  • Always stay at least 500ft (150m) away from built up or congested areas. Never fly above them
  • Don’t fly close to other aircraft, airports and airfields
  • Never fly recklessly or negligently
  • Always takeoff or land at least 100ft (30m) away from a person
  • Only fly in permitted UK airspace
  • Do not takeoff or land on private land without the permission of the landowner
  • Adhere to land permissions and local bylaws
  • Never cause or permit an object to fall from your aircraft
  • Only fly if you’re reasonably satisfied you can do so safely
  • Legal responsibility is with the pilot
Some of these rules may be subject to change following the release of the new Drone Bill, however, all drone pilots flying in the UK should know and follow the above on every flight.


The release of the UK general knowledge quiz is a positive move for DJI in promoting safe drone flight in the UK. Ensuring pilots are aware of the rules and regulations before flight will help increase drone safety in the UK, especially before new pilots take to the skies after Christmas. With the changes to rules and regulations expected in the UK, it’s clear that everyone must work together to ensure all pilots are flying responsibly and without incident. Heliguy are a CAA approved NQE for commercial drone training dedicated to promoting safe drone flight.
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