DJI launch Matrice 200 Series V2

DJI launch Matrice 200 Series V2

The new M200 Series V2 is an industrial drone platform with improved features, designed for professionals in public safety, infrastructure, construction and energy inspections.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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A rugged design, enhanced control systems, superior flight performance and added safety and data security features - DJI has unveiled the M200 Series V2.

The new Matrice 200 Series V2 is a versatile industrial drone platform with improved features, designed for professionals across industries such as public safety, infrastructure, construction and energy. 

The drones in the V2 Series build on the success of the original M200 platforms. To see how the new Series compares to the original, click here.

The M200 Series V2 offers upgraded versatility and durability. It is engineered for the future. The drones operate in less-than-ideal environments and are fit for everyday tasks, no matter how tough

DJI Statement

The drones in the series are the M200 V2, M210 V2 and the M210 RTK V2

M200 Series V2 Feature Highlight

  • IP43
  • OcuSync 2.0
  • TimeSync
  • Anti-collision Beacon
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • DJI AirSense

Compatible Payloads

The drones in the DJI Matrice Series V2 are compatible with multiple payloads. These are:

  • Zenmuse XT2
  • Zenmuse X5S
  • Zenmuse X7
  • Zenmuse Z30
  • Zenmuse X4S
  • Zenmuse XT
  • Third-party payloads

Compatibility with these payloads make these drones incredibly versatile, suiting a range of applications.

Intelligent Controls

OcuSync 2.0

What it does: Enjoy a more reliable and stable flight with the new OcuSync 2.0 system, which supports automatic dual frequency band switching and extends flight range to up to 8km.

Benefits: This offers all pilots (and particularly those operating near buildings and other obstacles) a smoother flight experience, resulting in less signal interference during flight and enhanced video transmission. It also gives the potential for BVLOS operations,  as permitted by local regulations.

Prompt for calibration

What it does: When multiple payloads or third-party payloads are installed, users can readjust the drone’s centre of gravity in the DJI Pilot app.

Benefits: Enhanced flight performance and safety as users are prompted to pay attention/adjust the centre of gravity manually to ensure payloads are installed properly.


What it does: The TimeSync system continuously aligns the flight controller, camera, GPS module, RTK module for the M210 RTK V2, as well as any third-party payloads or onboard accessories (connected through OSDK), fixing the position data to the centre of the CMOS.

Benefits: The alignment of position data will enable more precise geotagging, enhancing the accuracy of positioning data. Developers using OSDK and PSDK can also take advantage of this feature to align onboard accessories and payloads with the other modules of the drone.

Discreet Mode

What it does: A new feature that allows users to turn all lights (including arm lights, flight controller status light, and beacon) completely off in the Pilot app.

Benefits: Enables users (e.g. public safety officials) to conduct drone missions unobstructively, enhancing safety.

Safety and Security

AES-256 Encryption

What it does: A standard for the encryption of electronic data, AES-256 means the data is encrypted, making the encryption almost impossible to be deciphered.

Benefits: Data transmission is kept secure so that critical mission information stays safe and can only be accessed by the relevant people.


What it does: A robust FlightAutonomy system with front, bottom and upper sensors detects and avoids obstacles while enabling precision hovering so that you can fly with confidence.

Benefits: Users can fly more safely in a variety of flight conditions where obstacles might be present.

Anti-Collision Beacon

What it does: Located on the top and bottom of the drone, the new beacons enhance the drone’s visibility in low-light conditions or at night.

Benefits: Drone operation in less than ideal conditions is made safer while ensuring that it is compliant to local aviation regulations.

DJI AirSense

What it does: An integrated ADS-B receiver that alerts pilots of nearby manned aircraft that are equipped with ADS-B transmitters.

Benefits: Provides improved airspace safety for all. Users are able to receive real-time positioning alerts of nearby manned aircraft, preventing pilots from hazardous encounters during outdoor operations.

Durability and Versatility

One-click Upgrade

What it does: A convenient way to upgrade multiple modules using DJI Pilot or DJI Assistant 2.

Benefits: While users had to upgrade individual modules separately by using the app or connecting modules to a PC, they can now upgrade everything with just one click. This significantly reduces the time it takes to upgrade, making drone operations more efficient.

Self-heating Dual-battery System

What it does: A redundant battery system that heats the batteries.

Benefits: Enables operations in sub-zero environments.


Manifold 2

What it does: A powerful onboard computer. Leverage its flexibility and expandability to build customised drone solutions and bring your robotics operations to the edge. Manifold 2 is coming soon.

Benefits: Automate drone operations with AI and robotics applications.

D-RTK 2 Mobile Station for Matrice Series

What it does: DJI’s upgraded high-precision GNSS receiver that supports all major global satellite navigation systems, providing real-time differential corrections.

Benefits: Gain centimetre-level positioning data for improved relative accuracy.

Upward Gimbal Connector

What it does: Connect any compatible payload above your M210 V2 and M210 RTK V2 drones using the upward gimbal.

Benefits: Allows you to capture data from a different aerial perspective.

External GPS Module

What it does: Enhance positioning accuracy by using an external GPS module, especially when using an upward gimbal on the M210 V2, or when attaching onboard devices or payloads.

Purpose-built Applications

DJI Pilot: An app developed specifically for enterprise users to control and customise their DJI drones. With development made specifically for the M200 Series V2, DJI Pilot optimises your flight capability for peak performance.

DJI FlightHub: A one-stop solution for managing your drone operations, supporting large organisations to effectively scale their aerial operations. Compatible with the M200 Series V2, you can integrate FlightHub directly into your existing fleet of DJI drones and leverage its aerial intel across your organisation.

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