DJI Tease New Product Ahead of GoPro Karma Launch

DJI Tease New Product Ahead of GoPro Karma Launch

We take a look at DJI's new teaser video, what it could mean and also offer our thoughts on the GoPro Karma release.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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With the excitement building towards DJI's September 27th event which promises to 'Reshape Your World', the Chinese drone manufacturer has released a teaser video showing off the camera quality and manoeuvrability of a new aircraft. Racing through stunning scenery and available to view in 4K, this promo offers the production values we've come to expect coupled with enough mystery to keep anticipation peaked until next Tuesday. If you're a fan of beautiful, challenging aerial shots we highly recommend that you take a look at the video here:

There is speculation online that there may be a double release on the cards. This wouldn't be unusual for DJI, their whirlwind release schedule ensuring that we're never more than a few months away from a new model. With a lot of hype already surrounding the event which is taking place just over a week away - there's not long to wait to have these rumours confirmed. It's a canny bit of marketing from DJI, unleashing this video on drone fans mere hours before today's unveiling of the GoPro Karma.

GoPro to Unveil the Karma

Here is the launch video for the Karma released by GoPro, focusing on their roots as an action camera company and, in the grand tradition of drone promos, showing off some beautiful scenery:

The GoPro Karma has a foldable design and comes with a backpack for ease of transport. There’s also a purpose-built controller with one-half containing a touchscreen and the other half housing its joysticks and minimalist button selection. This allows for one-button take-off and landing as well as a Return to Home function, keeping it in line with the functionality of many existing camera drones. Currently, it has been announced that the Karma is compatible with the Hero4, Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session cameras. These will sit on the front of the drone as opposed to being positioned on the undercarriage as with the majority of its competitors. It uses a 3-axis gimbal for stabilisation which can also be removed from the Karma to take handheld footage. The Karma also has four pre-programmed shots:
  • Cable Cam: The drone will fly between two predetermined points for a specified time
  • Dronie: A selfie function which flies up and away from the subject
  • Orbit: GoPro’s Karma will circle its subject at a pre-set height
  • Reveal: This mode has the drone fly in a straight line while panning up to the subject
Without the camera the price is currently $799 without a GoPro included (for those who already own a compatible GoPro), scaling up to $1099 with the Hero5 Black included.


  • Max Speed: 35mph
  • Max Distance: 3,280ft
  • Max Flight Altitude: 14,500ft
  • Max Wind Resistance: 22mph
  • Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Dimensions: 303mmx411mmx117mm (opened); 365.2mmx224.3mmx89.9mm (folded)
  • Propeller Length: 10”
  • Weight: 2.2lbs


There is certainly a lot of buzz about the Karma's long-awaited release but, with a DJI announcement imminent, it seems likely many will hold out to see what the Shenzhen drone giant will unveil before rushing out to buy GoPro's first drone.

Although the competition within the drone space is growing, the rampant speculation and animated discussions which are dominating UAV forums and tech news articles in the run up to their September 27th event proves that DJI doesn't have any reason to worry just yet.

Keep checking back to Heliguy's Insider blog for more information on product releases, coverage of DJI's event on the 27th September and, of course, the latest news from the drone industry.

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