Drone Training in Cambridge with CAA Approved NQE Heliguy

Drone Training in Cambridge with CAA Approved NQE Heliguy

Heliguy is expanding its offering of PfCO drone-training courses, by adding the stunning Madingley Hall, in Cambridge, to its choice of UK venues.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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heliguy™ has expanded its offering of PfCO drone training courses by adding the beautiful Madingley Hall, in Cambridge, to its choice of UK venues.

The drone training course, delivered by our expert training team, is aimed at pilots who want to fly their UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) commercially, arming them with the knowledge to obtain the necessary PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Praising Heliguy's PfCO courses, candidates have said that we were exceptional, the work was relevant and ensured a thorough knowledge of the subject

heliguy™ is a trusted and much-valued CAA-approved NQE and has trained drone pilots from major companies such as Balfour Beatty, the BBC, Silverback and Team Rubicon.

Building on our years of training experience, we are delighted to add Madingley Hall to our PfCO property portfolio. Set in Capability Brown designed gardens, the stunning venue is an elegant 16th-century country house, located just four miles from the centre of Cambridge and a mere 60 minutes from London.

The three-day PfCO courses will be held in Cambridge on the following dates:

  • June 17 to 19
  • August 21 to 23
  • October 15 to 17

Ed Jackson, Heliguy's Head of Training, said: "We chose Madingley Hall because it is in an area of outstanding natural beauty and offers exceptional food and service. The stunning surroundings make for a comfortable and interesting setting to learn and fly a drone."

Why choose Heliguy? Years of training experience, no hidden costs, trusted NQE brand and wide pool of knowledge

Heliguy's other training venues are Lumley Castle, Chester-le-Street; Ramside Hall, Durham; Shrigley Hall, Manchester; and The Elvetham, Farnborough. For information on course dates as these venues, click here.

Why Should I Sit A PfCO Course?

The course, delivered in an engaging and dynamic way, equips candidates with the knowledge required to safely operate their aircraft in a commercial capacity and incorporates the CAA syllabus necessary to obtain a PfCO.

We don't believe in hidden costs, so the price of our PfCO course includes all elements of the process

On top of this, our expert instructors will provide the guidance required to apply for permissions to operate your drone at night, giving you the competitive edge and allowing you to operate 24 hours a day in suitable conditions.

Aldo Kane

former Royal Marine Commando

<em>Heliguy were exceptional throughout the process of ground school, testing and flight assessment. The course work was relevant and ensured a thorough knowledge of the subject before examination. Would thoroughly endorse heliguy™ for any would-be drone operator</em>

Heliguy's PfCO course in Cambridge costs £1,079. We don't believe in hidden fees, therefore this price incorporates all the elements of the process, including the operations manual and the theory and practical exams. If you are unsuccessful in any element of the process, we do not charge for retesting.

A view of Madingley Hall, as taken by a drone.

The three-day course is known as ground school. This is the first step towards your PfCO. The sessions run from 9am to 5pm and a brief overview of the syllabus is shown below:

Day One:

  • Registration/Photo ID required
  • Operations Manual and practical flight assessment overview
  • Air law
  • Maps and charts
  • Airspace

Day Two:

  • Human factors
  • Aircraft systems
  • Airmanship Principles
  • Risk management
  • Operating Procedures
  • Meteorology

Day Three:

  • Theory examination
  • Practical planning exercise
  • Flight test preparation
  • Closing address/dispersal

After the ground school, you will compile an Operations Manual which details your organisation, operating procedures and the technical specifications of your aircraft.

The three-day course arms you with the knowledge and skills necessary, including operating procedures, risk management, air law and flight-test preparation

Once the operations manual is complete and approved by our instructors, you will then be required to conduct a practical flight assessment to ensure that you are competent and confident operating your aircraft.

On successful conclusion of the practical flight assessment, you are then eligible to apply for a PfCO to the CAA.

Ed said: "The Cambridge PfCO Course gives candidates the chance to learn the ins and outs of commercial drone operations from instructors with a wealth of knowledge spanning commercial manned aviation, British military and decades of combined instructional experience."

Ed Jackson taking a training session.

Why Choose Heliguy?

There are many reasons why you should choose heliguy™ as your go-to PfCO NQE. These include:

  • No hidden costs: The three-day course costs £1,079 and includes guidance on night-time permissions, an unlimited amount of post ground school support, expert consultancy and module re-sits. Lunch is also included on all three days of ground school.
  • No conflict of interest: heliguy™ does not use its PfCO for commercial services, meaning that there is no conflict with our candidates. This means that we give you impartial and comprehensive advice, support and guidance, designed to help you maximise your PfCO opportunities.
  • Years of experience: We are a trusted NQE and have been delivering PfCO courses for numerous years around the country.
  • Wide knowledge pool: Our expert training team have a wide and varied background, including in commercial manned aviation, British military and decades of combined instructional experience.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should choose us. But don't just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from previous candidates:

"The best training available. I’m happy I chose heliguy™ for my training. Extremely helpful from start to finish, especially as I spend a lot of time outside of the UK. They made the course fun and easy to understand which got me through the theory and practical examinations. Fantastic venue and the food was lovely! I’d do it again just for the lunch :wink: Thank you heliguy™ team, absolutely fantastic!"

Ashley Wiggins

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    I would like to join the course,I got financial problems,can I do part payment like monthly?if then I would like to join October time.thanks

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