Hands On with the DJI Copilot

Hands On with the DJI Copilot

The Heliguy team have been out testing the DJI Copilot hard drive, developed from a partnership between DJI and LaCie. Find out how it performed in our latest post.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Guide to the DJI Copilot Hands On with the DJI Copilot The DJI Copilot is a rugged 2TB hard drive made for photographers, videographers and drone pilots to manage and backup data on set in any location. The Copilot is a BOSS (Backup On-Set Solutions) drive, developed from a partnership between DJI and LaCie, announced at this year’s CES. The Copilot is designed to transfer data without a computer, cutting down on kit. You're also able to organise your files using a mobile device making it the ideal travel hard drive. We’ve taken the Copilot out on a few aerial and ground shoots since receiving our first shipment, testing out its capabilities in real-world situations. In this post, we’ll be guiding you through using the DJI Copilot and showing you how to get the most out of this impressive hard drive when you're out on a shoot.

DJI Copilot Features

The Copilot is a BOSS drive that's used to backup data from an SD Card or device without a computer. It works in conjunction with a mobile device through the Copilot BOSS app. The app allows you to view and manage your stored data on the move and without an internet connection; renaming and deleting files as required. The Copilot is compatible with Android and Apple devices and can be used with the majority of DSLRs, mirrorless camera, the DJI range and some other hard drives. Although developed in partnership with DJI, the Copilot is not limited to drone use and is an ideal storage solution for all creatives. The Copilot is water and dust resistant, as well as shock resistant, allowing it to keep up with the challenging conditions found on some video and photo shoots. It can be carried in a bag or loose in the boot of your car without the worry of damaging it. There's also the added benefit that you can use the Copilot to charge your phone when you're out and about. DJI Copilot - On Set DJI Copilot - On Set

DJI Copilot Specifications

Let's start by looking at the specifications of the DJI Copilot:


Lacie DJI Copilot 2TB STGU2000400


2000GB (2TB)

Storage Type




Product Dimensions

136 mm x 111 mm x 36 mm (Length x Width x Depth)


0.534 kg


Drop resistant, splash resistant, dust resistant

System Requirements

Mobile phone or tablet running iOS 10.3 or Android 4.4 or later

Compatible with:

Computer running Windows® 10 or higher; or Mac OS® X 10.10 or higher with an available USB-C (3.1), Thunderbolt™ 3, USB 3.0, or USB 2.0 port

Offloads from most:

  • SD cards (UHS-I and UHS-II)
  • microSD cards (with included adapter)
  • USB card readers
  • USB external hard drives and SSDs
  • MTP/PTP-enabled devices
  • Drones
  • Digital cameras
  • Digital video cameras

What's in the Box?

Next, let's look at what's included with the Copilot.
Copilot DJI Copilot
  • LaCie® DJI Copilot with integrated status screen and SD card slot
  • microSD to SD card adapter
  • USB-C drive to laptop cables:
    • USB-C (USB3.1)
    • USB-C to USB-A
  • Mobile connection cables:
    • Lightning cable (for iOS)
    • micro USB (for most Android)
    • USB-C (for newer Android)
  • Wall charger
  • Removable cover
  • Quick start guide
  • 3-year Rescue Data Recovery Services plan
  • 1-month membership to Adobe® Creative Cloud All Apps
The Copilot comes in its rugged rubber covering offering the water and dust protection. The covering does attract dust and dirt but it can easily be cleaned when required. A wide range of cables are included with the DJI Copilot, compatible with the majority of modern smartphones and computers. There's also a MicroSD adapter included, a handy addition to the package, especially for drone pilots. The package includes a month trial to Adobe® Creative Cloud, giving you the opportunity to test out some of Adobe's apps.

DJI Copilot Features

The Copilot has a simple, minimalist design with a protected LCD screen and only one button. The button has different functionalities depending on how it's pressed. A short tap is used to power on the device followed by another short tap for yes and a longer tap for no. You don't have to worry about damaging the screen as it is set back under the rubber and protected by a plastic coating. DJI Copilot - Buttons and Features DJI Copilot - Buttons and Features The are several connectivity options available on the Copilot (left to right):
  • Charging Port
  • USB-A Port - Used to connect to a device
  • USB-C Port - Used to connect to a computer
  • SD Card Slot
  • Micro USB - Used to connect your mobile device with one of the cables provided
LaCie Copilot DJI Copilot - Buttons and Features

Using the DJI Copilot

In this section, we'll be detailing the various functions available on the DJI Copilot.

DJI Copilot Setup

Once you’ve received your Copilot, charge the hard drive using the power cable and a wall socket. You’ll then need to download the Copilot BOSS app from either the App Store or Google Play. Copilot Boss App - App Store Once charged, use the cable that’s compatible with your mobile device, connect to the Copilot and press the action button. The Copilot will detect your device and open the Copilot app. If the app isn't automatically launched, manually launch the app to begin connection. The Copilot will then automatically go through the setup process which takes around 20 seconds.

Backing up Data

Once you've completed the setup, you can begin transferring files from your device or SD Card. Just connect to the Copilot and press the action button once. The Copilot will identify the connection and give you the option to begin the transfer. Tap the action button to begin the transfer or hold for three seconds to cancel. SD Card Transfer - DJI Copilot DJI Copilot - SD Card Transfer Once the transfer is complete you will be notified then free to remove the connection. The data from the SD Card or device will be transferred into a new folder on the Copilot and with the time and date visible. The Copilot will also advise the space it has available and its battery life on the built-in LCD screen.

DJI Copilot with a Smartphone

Connect your Copilot to your mobile device and enter the Copilot BOSS app. Copilot BOSS App - DJI Pilot DJI Copilot BOSS App On the app, there are several options available to you, allowing you to control a range of areas without using a laptop. Below is the homepage available on the app: Copilot Boss App - Home At the top of the app, a summary of the available space and the battery level is given. You can also use the three dots at the top right to control several features including the view: Copilot BOSS App - Short Settings You're able to view, rename and delete files that have been backed up on the Copilot, on your mobile device, or on a connected SD Card or device. You can also change the settings to suit your needs.

Copilot Hard Drive

Using the app, you can enter the hard drive to and view the folder you have moved from your SD card or device. Once moved onto the Copilot, the files will be stored in Backups and assigned the time and date of their upload. Copilot BOSS App - Backups With each of the folders, you're able to complete the above actions allowing you to begin organising your files on the move. You can then enter individual folders to view the stored data. For each individual file, you can view the image or video, then complete the following actions: Copilot BOSS App - Files There's also the option to open the files within different apps on your mobile device to begin editing or send the files by email etc.

Mobile Device

The next menu available on the app is the option to access the mobile device. This allows you to view your photos and videos saved on your device. Copilot BOSS App - Mobile Device There's also an offline folder in this menu where you can save files from the hard drive to access them without plugging in the drive. This is a great way of viewing important files quickly.

SD Card/Camera

Like in the menu for the hard drive, you can organise images and videos saved on the SD card, changing names, deleting files and move them to your mobile device. You can also clear and SD card to create space, allowing you to instantly use the card again in your drone or camera.

DJI Copilot Settings

The final option available on the Copilot BOSS app is the Settings Menu. In the Settings, you're able to control various aspects and preferences of the hard drive. In this menu, we left the majority of settings as default but it's handy being able to control settings. The power saving mode is a useful aspect if you're out in the field without access to a power socket as USB charging isn't possible.

DJI Copilot with a Computer

When using the Copilot with a computer, standard hard drive functionality is available.   You can edit and view files directly from the hard drive, again cutting down on the kit you need to take with you.

DJI Copilot Summary

The DJI Copilot is the ideal hard drive for anyone who captures a great deal of data who wants to quickly backup their files without carrying around a laptop. As the Copilot BOSS app allows you to view and organise your images on the move, it is a great option for creatives travelling for work as it gives you the ability to sort through your shots before getting back to your base. It's extremely simple to use and completes transfers quickly, even when you're transferring large amounts of data. The Copilot can also keep up with harsh conditions through its water and dust proofing, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe. This lets you focus on what's important, the creative process and capturing your images and video.
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