Hands-On With the DJI Zenmuse X7

Hands-On With the DJI Zenmuse X7

The Heliguy Team tested out the new DJI Zenmuse X7 Super 35 camera, capable of 6K CinemaDNG, 5.2K Apple ProRes and 24MP stills. Featuring our video showreel.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Hands-On with the DJI Zenmuse X7 Since the release of the DJI X7, the team at heliguy™ have been excited to test out this new camera and see what’s capable of. Its features like the Super 35 Sensor, 6K video, 24 MP stills, and 14 stops of dynamic range, sounded like it was going to take the aerial filmmaking industry to new heights. This week, DJI kindly sent us a demo model for us to get a first-hand experience of the impressive attributes, ready for the general release. Keep reading to find out what the team thought and see some of the video footage and images from the X7 with the Inspire 2.

Key Features

Let’s start off with a quick recap of all the features available on the Zenmuse X7:
  • Super 35 cinema-level sensor
  • Up to 6K in CinemaDNG and 5.2K Apple ProRes
  • 24 MP stills
  • 14 stops of dynamic range
  • Four available lenses from 16 to 50 mm
  • New DJI Cinema Colour System
  • New DJI DL-Mount System
  • CineCore 2.1 with the new EI mode
Keep reading to see how the X7 performed when we tested it out with the Inspire 2.

heliguy™ X7 Showreel

Take a look at the heliguy™ Zenmuse X7 showreel that has been compiled with shots captured around Saint Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay. Please note, this is a demo version of the X7 and does not fully reflect the features of the final product. heliguy™ X7 Showreel - The Coast 2017 from heliguy™ on Vimeo. Video shot in 4K with 24mm and 50mm lens. D-Log video soon to be released. As you can see from the above video, the X7 can produce some breathtaking footage. The clarity of the images across the colour spectrum is impressive, even in 4K. The shots in the water have outstanding detail showing the contrast between the waves, rocks and the still water. The horizon does appear to be unsteady however, it's expected this is due to the model being a prototype and shouldn't be seen on the released version of the X7.

DJI X7 Showreel

Here's another chance to see the DJI showreel of the X7 which features the results of the final product: https://youtu.be/czAdi3j855Q As you can see, the issue mentioned above with the uneven horizon have been corrected and the footage is even more powerful.

DJI X7 Sample Images

Further to the showreel, we had the opportunity to capture an image in DNG for editing. See the below for the results. The image quality can be edited to provide stunning photos with plenty of headroom for exposure adjustment and recovery. Above image cropped Even when cropped and zoomed the image quality remains high with plenty of detail and no signs of pixelation. Keep reading for some opinions from the heliguy™ Team.

heliguy™ Team Opinions

Let's hear what the heliguy™ Team thought about using the Zenmuse X7 and the footage and images we were able to produce: Matty from the heliguy™ Sales Team Daniel from the heliguy™ Ecommerce Team As you can see, the team at Heliguy are impressed by the quality of the Zenmuse X7 and what it's capable of. We're excited to see the finished product without the small issues that are present in the demo model.


Overall, the Zenmuse X7 is an impressive camera for the Inspire 2. It's video and image quality is unlike any we have seen for a dedicated aerial camera, rivalling brands like RED, ARRI and DSLRs. Heliguy will keep you up to date with their findings on the final version of the X7, so keep an eye out on the Insider blog and our social media pages. Delivery of the X7 is expected to take place in the final quarter of 2017 with preorders shipped as a priority so make sure you order your X7 today. Inspire 2 with the Zenmuse X7
You can speak to a member of the heliguy™ Sales Team for more information on the Zenmuse X7 or any other DJI or Freefly products by phone on 0191 296 1024 or email at info@heliguy.com.
Keep checking back to Heliguy’s Insider Blog for more announcements, insights into drones and, of course, the latest news from the drone industry.

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