heliguy™ Selling DeltaQuad Pro Fixed-Wing Drone

heliguy™ Selling DeltaQuad Pro Fixed-Wing Drone

heliguy™ adds the DeltaQuad Pro fixed-wing drone to its product portfolio, after an evaluation of 16 industry-leading solutions. The VTOL aircraft can fly autonomously for almost two hours, can carry 1.2kg payloads - including a 61MP mapping camera - and has long-range transmission.

Last updated: Nov 30, 2021

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  • heliguy™ adds DeltaQuad Pro fixed-wing to its product portfolio by signing a reseller agreement with Vertical Technologies;
  • DeltaQuad Pro chosen as heliguy™'s preferred fixed-wing platform following evaluation of 16 industry-leading solutions; 
  • The VTOL aircraft can fly autonomously for almost two hours, can carry 1.2kg payloads - including a 61MP mapping camera - and has long-range transmission; 
  • Versatile platform - which can be integrated with mapping, agricultural, thermal/night-vision and object-tracking sensors - is ideal for a range of industries;
  • DeltaQuad Pro has been deployed around the world, including by the United Nations and to transplant blood between two hospitals, 120km apart; 
  • heliguy™ reacting to increasing demand for fixed-wing aircraft and is combining this provision with dedicated fixed-wing drone training.   

heliguy™ is selling the industry-leading DeltaQuad Pro fixed-wing drone, which will benefit commercial operations with its high endurance, swappable payloads and long-range transmission.

Engineered by Vertical Technologies, this powerful and reliable solution boasts a flight time of just under two hours, covers 100km with a 1.2kg payload, can be flown autonomously, and has a radio and video range of up to 50km (or unlimited range using VPN-secured mobile networks).



The versatile platform can be integrated with a variety of top-class cameras for a range of missions, such as the 61MP full-frame Sony A7R mark IV for aerial surveying; multispectral sensors from MicaSense and Agrowing for agricultural mapping; and leading zoom and thermal payloads for surveillance, security and industrial inspection. 

The DeltaQuad Pro was selected by the heliguy™ training team following an eight-week project, critically evaluating 16 different fixed-wing platforms. The combination of the DeltaQuad Pro's capabilities, versatility and cost-effective price-tag - ranging from £9,000 to £13,500 - makes it the perfect fixed-wing solution.



heliguy™ has added the DeltaQuad Pro to its product portfolio to meet a growing commercial demand for fixed-wing aircraft, based on their huge flight times, ability to cover larger areas in a single flight and vast payload compatibility. 

To help facilitate commercial fixed-wing operations, heliguy™ is running the Fixed Wing GVC course. The team's in-house instructors have vast experience with fixed-wing aircraft, including operating the H450 in Afghanistan for the British Army.

DeltaQuad Pro - Key Features

The DeltaQuad Pro is the most powerful VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) drone on the market.

This commercial-grade platform is packed with smart technology to maximise commercial drone operations, providing high efficiency, accurate data collection and incredible endurance.



Key features include:

  • High Endurance: Up to 150km of airtime using the Auxiliary Battery option, or up to 100km with a 1.2kg payload. Depending on the weight of payload, the DeltaQuad Pro can fly for almost two hours.
  • Wide Payload Compatibility: Compatible with a range of quality, mission-specific payloads, such as the 61MP Sony A7R mark IV for aerial surveying, the MicaSense Altum-PT or RedEdge-MX for agriculture, or the Workswell WIRIS Pro thermal sensor (640×512 px resolution, or Super Resolution Mode can deliver a final thermogram in 1266×1010 px resolution) for industrial inspections.
  • Fully Autonomous: Conduct fully-autonomous missions, even beyond communication range.
  • Long-range Communication: Up to 50km radio and video range or even unlimited range using VPN-secured mobile networks.
  • 1.2KG Payload Capacity: The DeltaQuad can carry payloads up to 1.2kg, ranging from thermal sensors to high-resolution cameras and multi-spectral imaging.
  • Weather Resilient: The DeltaQuad Pro is a hardy and resilient aircraft. Smart technology gives the platform the unique ability to safely fly in light rain and snow.
  • Increased Safety: The DeltaQuad Pro benefits from a redundant flight system, ADS-B receiver and live video.
  • Rapid Field Assembly: The DeltaQuad Pro can be assembled in the field in under two minutes.

DeltaQuad Pro - Versatile Fixed-wing Drone Solution

The DeltaQuad Pro is available in numerous formats, to provide a high-calibre solution tailored to certain industry applications.

Utilising mission-specific payloads, the aircraft can be deployed for GIS, agriculture, industrial inspection and security/defence.



The solutions available are:

DeltaQuad Pro #MAP

A powerful, long-range fixed-wing drone for mapping, surveying and inspection which can obtain CM-level accuracy geo-referencing for detailed maps and models.



It can be integrated with RGB, multispectral and thermal sensors and can cover 1200HA in one flight. 

DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW

Engineered to enable effective and persistent surveillance and reconnaissance strategies, with long endurance, thermal/IR night vision and autonomous object following and tracking.

It can be integrated with a 80x zoom RGB controllable turret gimbal, or the industrial-grade Nighthawk which has infrared capabilities, as well as a 40x zoom: Ideal for security and defence applications.

The zoom is also ideal to conduct industrial inspection missions, as this image below shows.


DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO

Industrial-grade VTOL UAV for cargo transport and custom payloads. Customisation is possible and a payload drop mechanism can be integrated. Operators also benefit from live FPV video.

DeltaQuad Pro - How It Compares

Numerous fixed-wing drones are on the market, but after a rigorous evaluation process, heliguy™ has decided to supply the DeltaQuad Pro.

And this table shows why the DeltaQuad Pro is an industry-leading solution, based on its specifications for aerial mapping and surveying.


DeltaQuad Pro #MAP WingtraOne Gen II Trinity F90+ Marlyn  eBee X
Max Flight Time 110 minutes 59 minutes 90 minutes 50 minutes 60/90 minutes
Coverage at 3cm/px 1200HA 400HA 800HA 360HA 220HA/500HA
Precision <1cm <1cm 2-5cm <1cm >3cm
Control Range 20km / 30km / 50km / Unlimited 10km 7km 7km/20km 8km
Max Resolution 61MP 42MP 42MP 42MP 24MP
Swappable Payloads Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Max Wind Tolerance 45km/h 43km/h 43km/h 45km/h 35km/h
Max Takeoff Altitude 4000m 2500m
4500m (with high-altitude propellers)
4000m 4000m 5000m
Temperature Range -20°C to +45°C -10°C to +40°C  -12°C to +50°C -10°C to +40°C -15°C to +40°C
Weather Tolerances Clear
Light rain
Light snow
Clear Clear Clear Clear


DeltaQuad Pro - Case Studies

The DeltaQuad Pro has shown its worth throughout the world.

Swedish inspection company Skyqraft was granted BVLOS operation permission to conduct autonomous powerline inspections over a 100km stretch. The team was able to spot defects, as shown in the image below.



Every confirmed fault was added to a daily report combined with imagery and exact geographic location. 

Meanwhile, the DeltaQuad Pro was deployed by Aviant to transport blood samples between two Norwegian hospitals over 120km apart.

Reflecting on the capabilities of the DeltaQuad Pro, Bernhard Paus Graesdal, Co-founder of Aviant, said: "The DeltaQuad Pro is one of the easiest to use VTOL vehicles out there, at an incredible price range.”

Elsewhere, the United Nations has deployed the DeltaQuad Pro for safety missions in the Central African Republic.

To discuss the DeltaQuad Pro solution and fixed-wing drone training, contact us.

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