How to get flight logs off of a DJI Crystal Sky

How to get flight logs off of a DJI Crystal Sky

Step by step guide on how to retrieve flight logs from a DJI Crystal Sky Monitor and export them to an SD Card.

Last updated: Mar 01, 2021

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In this step by step post we will look at how to get flight logs off the DJI Crystal Sky. Please note: You will need a Crystal Sky monitor with charge and a Micro SD Card that is installed in the Crystal Sky.

Open the File Explorer from the CrystalSky home screen

Select internal memory in the file explorer

Select DJI in the internal memory folder

Select dji.go.v4 or dji.pilot depending which app you were using at the time

Select the flight record folder

Here you will see all of your flight record files, with the time and date

Select the multi icon at the top of the screen and tap the logs you wish to transfer

Select the editor option at the top of the screen and select copy. Then tap home in the top left.

Install an SD card into either SD card slot

Go to editor and paste

Your files will now be on your SD card. You can then insert the SDcard into a computer and transfer them wherever they you require

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