UK CAA Launches New PDRA01 Application Tool

UK CAA Launches New PDRA01 Application Tool

The UK CAA is updating the PDRA01 Application Tool, scheduled to launch in April 2024. These updates, informed by invaluable feedback from the RPAS community, aim to speed up and simply the application process and establish equitable pricing.

Last updated: Mar 06, 2024

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  • UK CAA makes significant enhancements to the PDRA01 Application Tool.
  • The new tool is set to go live in the first week of April 2024.
  • The upcoming changes have been implemented based on valuable feedback from the RPAS community.
  • These updates aim to improve functionality, process times, and ensure fairness in pricing.

The UK CAA is launching the new PDRA01 Application Tool in the first week of April 2024 - designed to significantly speed up and simplify the application process.

PDRA-01 applications make up 90% of all Operational Authorisation (OA) requests within the Specific Category. Therefore, delivering this functionality provides the maximum benefit to users.

In most cases, the streamlined process is expected to result in authorisation outcomes being provided within 24 hours.

The new online platform - implemented based on valuable feedback from the RPAS community - will be launched for PRDA-01 first, then for SORA applications.


New PDRA01 application tool to be launched.


Key Details

1. Launch Date: The new PDRA01 Application Tool is scheduled to launch in the first week of April 2024. 

2. A streamlined application process: PDRA01 applications will be declarative in nature, significantly reducing the amount of information required to be provided at the point of application, resulting in faster processing with authorisation outcomes provided within 24 hours for the majority of applications.

3. Simplified renewal process: With the new tool, there will no longer be a separate process for renewal. Whether you're applying for the first time or renewing your existing PDRA01, all applicants will follow the same streamlined application process.

4. Flat Fee Structure: Going forward, all tool users will be charged a single flat fee for each PDRA01 application. The specific fee for each application will be published in the FY24/25 Scheme of Charges following this year's consultation.

This fee will be subject to the CAA's annual price consultation for FY24/25 and future years to ensure fairness and sustainability.

5. Transition Period: Until the new tool is launched, RPAS Sector Team will continue to accept applications using the current PDRA01 application form and scheme of charges fees.

All applications initiated before the new tool is launched can be completed and submitted within 30 days after the new tool goes live, and applications not finalised within this window will be deleted.

Before starting the new application process, the CAA recommends that (re)applicants ensure they:

  • Have a valid Operator ID.
  • Have the Operational Authorisation expiry date (if reapplying).
  • Apply at least 7 working days before your current authorisation expires.

New PDRA01 application tool to be launched.


What Operators Can Expect:

  • From the first week of April, operators can use the new tool and only need to re-apply within 28 days of the expiry of their Operational Authorisation.
  • Users will receive automatic notifications when their Operational Authorisation in the new tool is near expiry.
  • Newly-issued Operational Authorisations will be valid from 00:00 the day after the operator's current authorisation expires.
  • Once application assessments are completed, applicants will be notified of the outcome by email. PDRA01 Operational Authorisation certificates will then be available to view and download at any time in ‘My Registration’ within the online tool.
  • Post-application, operators will continue to be subject to compliance oversight during the 12-month period over which their authorisation is valid. This will involve being asked to provide an up-to-date Operations Manual, along with evidence that the processes within it are being followed.

Using the Old PDRA01 Application Form

Operators may continue to use the current PDRA01 application form until the new tool goes live, with a two-week notice provided prior to the launch date. 

Stay Informed

The RPAS Sector Team will send an email reminder once the new PDRA01 Application Tool is live in the first week of April 2024, ensuring you're promptly informed and ready to take advantage of its benefits.

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