Introducing the Freefly Pilot

Introducing the Freefly Pilot

The Freefly Pilot is their latest product, designed to reduce the barriers of filmmakers and offer even greater control over devices including the MōVI series.

Last updated: Mar 19, 2021

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The Freefly Pilot is the latest product released by Freefly, designed to reduce the barriers of filmmakers and offer even greater control of numerous cameras and the MōVI series. Freefly has dubbed the Pilot “like a mimic on steroids”. Keep reading to find out more on the groundbreaking feature Pilot has to offer.

What you need to know

  • Pilot is a new device that provides full control over Focus, Iris & Zoom (FIZ), gimbal pointing and camera functionality
  • Pilot was designed for complete integration with the MōVI, allowing comprehensive control over every device in the range
  • Pilot uses Freefly’s patented MIMIC technology
  • Pilot is made up of a focus knob, slider and a sensitive joystick, offering the highest level of control
  • Pilot’s modules can be split up and mounted on almost anything and given to almost anyone. Each modular can be mapped for FIZ or gimbal pointing
  • Pilot offers full control from up to 600ft away by using the 2.4Ghz spectrum

Camera Compatability

The Pilot has been built to work seamlessly with the following cameras:

Camera Controls

Camera Controls
RED Full camera control via RCP
ARRI Start/Stop
Sony Start/Stop (via LANC)
Canon Start/Stop (via LANC)
Black Magic Start/Stop (via LANC)
Phantom Start/Stop

Mimic Specifications

MIMIC Controls

Axis Primary Control Secondary Control Aux Control Gestural Control
Pan MIMIC Joystick Focus Knob Yes
Tilt MIMIC Joystick Focus Knob Yes
Roll MIMIC Joystick Focus Knob Yes
Focus Focus Knob Joystick Slider Yes
Iris Slider Joystick Focus Knob Yes
Zoom Joystick Slider Focus Knob Yes

MIMIC Input Axis

Controller / Axis Pan Tilt Roll Kill Focus Iris Zoom
COM 2 API yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
COM 1 API yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Pilot Focus Module - - - - yes yes yes
Pilot Iris / Zoom Module yes yes yes - yes yes yes
Gamepad yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Bush Pilot - - - - yes yes yes
MIMIC Sensor yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Pilot Modules

Pilot Focus Module – A highly sensitive, ergonomic, 75 mm knob with a high-resolution 16bit encoder. The knob gives real-time control over FIZ and MōVI axes. Also included is a rotary dial to vary stiffness and A & B buttons to offer further control. The marker ring can be customised and its colour changed. Pilot Iris/Zoom Module – This module can be mapped to control FIZ, as well as Pan, Tile and Roll. Controls include a precise 2-Axis force joystick with two joystick options available, linear slide potentiometer, in addition to an A & B buttons. The standard Walnut handle can be removed and other designs are available to be 3D printed. MIMIC – Freefly’s visionary technology allows the camera to automatically and instinctively follow a subject’s movement by moving the Pilot. MIMIC can also be used for full FIZ control, Pan, Tilt and Roll, along with other camera controls. MIMIC features an up to six-hour battery life, SD card slot, integrated LCD screen and real-time telemetry. Pilot modules can be mounted to nearly anything with Freefly's adaptable rosettes mounts and adaptors. This includes the standard Pilot backbone, tripods, MōVI handles, 1/4 20 mounts, 25mm tubes and much more. Modules can be used as one complete device, as standalone modules or split between different members of a crew to maximise control of your project. Additional input paths are also available to control the Pilot. In addition to the above, a Freefly Bush Pilot and Gamepad can be used, giving even an even greater level of control.


The Freefly Pilot is an exceptional device that is designed to put the power and control back into the hands of filmmakers. Its full integration with the MōVI series and a number of cameras, as well as its modular design, certainly does exactly that. For more information or to order the Freefly Pilot, head over to our over to our product page.

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