Inventory Management Using Drones

This blog post describes a client we worked with to provide a system of keeping check of inventory by drone using and RFID tagging system - this was truly cutting edge technology.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2021

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Case Study

Drone Inventory Management System

A joint venture between Dubai and Colena  

Project Overview

The client has large multiple yards and the ambient temperature of the yard has significant impact on Health and Safety with regard to stock take with temperatures of up to 50 degrees. Manual stock take is prone to high percentage of errors and regular stock evaluations are not possible due to the times it takes and the activity in the yard.  

Integrated Inventory and Drone Data

We take your inventory management to a 'higher level' expanding on the traditional inventory data along side additional data such as aerial maps utilising GPS positioning so you can see you inventory position with accuracy of +/- 0.5m.  

Service Offered

  • Full site consultation and evaluation
  • Full Ready To Run Drones designed for specifically for this task
  • Evaluation and implementation of flight time and flight path required to process entire yard on one flight
  • Evaluation and implementation of the processes required to operate the system for the environment
  • Training for the Drone and software for quick impact


"Safety was of paramount importance and was instrumental in developing flight protocols that would minimize risk to both life and property."

Chief Operating Officer

"We are impressed with how the solution offered has evolved from start to finish, adapting to our specific needs and challenges and look forward to evaluating the system in our existing yard of 10,000 square meters with the future possibility of extending to our main yard of 65,000 square meters covering our entire range of products."

Managing Director


Further Information

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