New DJI Osmo M Gimbal Rumoured

There are rumours swirling about a new Osmo model from DJI, specifically designed to hold mobile devices. Here's what's being said about the enigmatic Osmo M.

Last updated: Mar 09, 2021

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OsmoMRumours UPDATE: We have seen numerous sources which point towards this new product being called the 'Zenmuse M1' - reportedly a gimbal attachment for the existing Osmo that will stabilise photos and videos on your mobile device, however, we await DJI's announcement at the IFA expo tomorrow for full confirmation.   It looks like DJI may have some big news at the upcoming IFA 2016 expo in Berlin. If you like to keep up with the latest developments in the drone world, we highly recommend that you catch their presentation on 01/09/2016. We’ve covered the recent release of the Osmo+ and talked through the key features of the Osmo Pro & RAW combos but despite all of these recent advances, it sounds like DJI aren’t taking their foot off the accelerator when it comes to their market-leading handheld gimbal. Theories are swirling after the latest version of DJI GO on IOS (2.8.6) specifically referenced the 'Osmo Mobile', here are some predictions as to what this could mean.

A New Osmo for Mobile Devices?

Continuing to focus development onto this immensely popular gimbal range, there are rumours circulating that DJI is gearing up towards the release of the ‘Osmo M’ a stabilised handheld gimbal designed to use your mobile device as the camera. This makes the product much more accessible to the amateur market, removing the need to purchase an additional camera to use alongside their phone. Reportedly the Osmo ‘Mobile’ will place DJI’s industry leading stabilisation technology into a more affordable handset for those looking to take great quality pictures with their phone without worrying about camera shake.

Potential Features

It seems likely that this model will be aimed more towards amateur photographers, with the Osmo M allowing the camera on your mobile device to access a range of DJI GO app functionality which will be familiar to anyone who has used the Shenzhen drone manufacturers products. Should this be the case, these features would allow users to add a new level of quality to their photos and videos, adding a professional sheen to holiday videos, photos of family events and a plethora of other situations. If the speculation is true, the Osmo M will feature a device-optimised design which is compatible with a wide range of mobile handsets. You can also count on the Osmo gimbal itself retaining the same high quality you would expect from DJI kit – but odds are it’ll be more portable and easy to use than ever.


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