New DJI Partnerships & Heliguy Events

Here's our round-up of all the most recent DJI news as well as a look at what we've been up to (and will be occurring) here at Heliguy.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2021

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NewsDJIPartners Never far from the headlines where drones are concerned, DJI and their partners have made a number of high-profile announcements this week. heliguy™ Insider is here to keep you up to date.

Hasselblad Partnership Bundle Announced

When DJI bought a stake in camera specialists Hasselblad, nobody was taken aback. However, that’s not to say we weren’t interested to see what would come of this partnership. Now we know. Details are emerging that the two companies are planning to release a package deal which includes Hasselblad’s A5D model and DJI’s recently released hexacopter the Matrice 600. djihasselblad As avid followers of DJI will know, this pair-up constitutes a serious bit of kit teaming the A3 flight controller and Lightbridge 2 transmission system’s capability to broadcast a 1080p live feed with a 50MP CMOS sensor designed specifically for aerial shoots. There’s also an HC 3.5 / 50mm-II lens included for good measure. This powerful combination is aimed squarely at professional drone photographers. The two companies have announced that there will most likely be future collaboration which is great news for those looking for top range aerial image capture. There hasn’t been a price released for the M600/A5D bundle yet but judging by the gear included, it’s likely to be marketed as a premium product for serious commercial drone users.

DJI & Drone Deploy

Leading cloud software platform, DroneDeploy, are teaming up with DJI to streamline solar panel installation and inspections through the use of thermal solutions and drone data analysis. According to the joint announcement, renewable energy providers will be able to reduce the time spent capturing measurements for optimal placement of panels and equipment by up to 50%. dronedeploydjiimage Their stated objective is to increase the accuracy and safety of roof inspection by using drone-based 3D modelling in the place of survey wheels and tape measures. Through the use of an iOS or Android device, customers are able to access DroneDeploy’s app to control a DJI drone (predominantly the Inspire 1) during an inspection. The images which are captured by the Zenmuse XT thermal sensor are then processed through DroneDeploy’s cloud solution.

What’s on at Heliguy?

It's been a busy week here at heliguy™ and we're gearing up for a big weekend in Farnborough. Here's your Insider update on what's going on and what there is to look forward to.

Farnborough International Airshow

It’s nearly time for the Farnborough Airshow and Heliguy’s team are excited to head down. Bringing a one stop shop for all of your drone needs, it's a great opportunity to learn more about what we can offer you. Remember that you can find us at Location PU/DZ6 to discuss our range of drones, thermal solutions or even just a chat about the industry. We’ll be attending on the 16th and 17th so see you all there!

Training Cumbria Police Force

We’ve been running a bespoke training course with Cumbria Police this week, helping them get to grips with a DJI Inspire 1 and offering real world scenario sessions to prepare them for use in the field. With interest from a range of emergency services across the UK, it's clear that the addition of drone capability is beginning to be prioritised within their service models. cumbriapolicetraining We’ll be speaking to one of the trainees about their experience in the near future so keep checking back to heliguy™ Insider for the exclusive interview.

Find Out More

If you want to learn more about what's happening at heliguy™, enquire about our drone training courses or just want to chat to a member of our team don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email Call UK: 0845 838 8652 Int: +44 (0)191 296 1024 Keep checking back to heliguy™ Insider for the latest drone industry news.    

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