New Localisation Feature Added To Emlid Flow

New Localisation Feature Added To Emlid Flow

A new localisation feature has been added to Emlid Flow. This enables surveyors to adjust their coordinate system to fit control points and helps find or adjust missing or outdated local coordinate system parameters.

Last updated: Aug 22, 2023

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  • A localisation feature has been added to Emlid Flow;
  • This allows surveyors to adjust their coordinate system to fit the control points;
  • Depending on the data provided, Emlid Flow automatically chooses the calibration algorithm that delivers the best accuracy;
  • Localisation is compatible with Emlid Flow Survey licence.

A new localisation feature has been released for Emlid Flow.

Localisation helps to adjust or calculate parameters of the local coordinate system to better fit a worksite, such as missing/outdated local coordinate system parameters.

For instance, if you don't have the precise parameters of the local coordinate system but you have points with known coordinates, you can measure them with an Emlid Reach receiver, and Emlid Flow will match the known and measured coordinates and calculate the local coordinate system parameters.


Localisation using Emlid Flow and Emlid Reach Receivers.


heliguy™ is an Emlid partner and sells Emlid's ecosystem of GNSS receivers to help bolster end-to-end surveying workflows.

Workflow: Add Control Points

Follow this workflow to add control points:

  1. Create a project and choose your coordinate system and vertical datum.
  2. Add pairs of control points (in local coordinate system) and measured points. Import them or enter them manually.
  3. Choose Add Localisation.
  4. You can add two or more points with horizontal, vertical, or both coordinates. The app chooses the calibration algorithm that provides the best accuracy.

Workflow: Review The Results

All residuals are placed on a single screen. If they don't match your requirements, turn on/off horizontal, vertical, or both coordinates for each pair. The residuals will be recalculated in real-time.

Preview the parameters of the resulting coordinate system and apply it to the project.

Your existing points will be recalculated as well.

Emlid Flow - Survey Plan

To access the Localisation feature, upgrade to the Emlid Flow Survey plan.

This is a more advanced version of the free Emlid Flow package, with more features and suited for more advanced surveying practises.

To find out more about Emlid's Flow and Emlid's range of GNSS receivers, contact the heliguy™ GIS team.

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