NEWS: DJI Announce Zenmuse XT Radiometry Camera

DJI have just announced that their new thermal camera is available for order. The Zenmuse XT Radiometry Version is ready to take the market by storm.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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On the heels of our review of the Zenmuse XT Thermal, we've been informed that DJI are taking advance orders for the Zenmuse XT Radiometry camera as of yesterday (28th April 2016). This improved version of the Zenmuse XT Thermal is able to offer the user with twice the accuracy for measuring temperature when compared to its predecessor and also offers a brand new range of recording functions and options for analysis.

Zenmuse XT Radiometry: Features

You're able to view the temperature of any point on-screen with a simple tap. This feature also gives you the option to measure the highest, lowest and average temperatures and where they are located. zenmuse xt radiometry DJI GO with the Zenmuse XT Radiometry DJI's new camera can also be calibrated to increase the precision of temperature measurement by setting multiple external parameters including background temperature, scene emissivity and more to be announced. If you're capturing photos in TIFF format, this is where the new Radiometry XT gets really impressive. It's able to identify the temperature of each individual pixel which can then be recorded and stored for processing and analysis. A temperature alert threshold can also be set, which automatically activates when the desired temperature has been detected. This capability could go a long way towards simplifying and accelerating emergency service operations such as search and rescue, as well as numerous industrial applications. This announcement from DJI cements their ambitions to corner the thermal sensor market and once again places them in a powerful position over their rivals. There are many potential applications of thermal sensors in sectors such as agriculture, structural surveying, emergency services, security and surveillance. As a respected UK supplier of DJI products, heliguy™ are experts when it comes to their merchandise. To find out more information about DJI's range of sensors, read our review of the Zenmuse XT Thermal.  

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