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Swedish Police Pioneer A Trial Drone First Responder System

The Swedish Police Authority are deploying remote-piloted drones via DJI Docks atop city buildings, enhancing emergency response without on-site pilots.

Real-time feeds to surveillance centre officers enable swift decision-making, revolutionising public safety by facilitating rapid deployment to scenes of violence or accidents.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024

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Photo: Johan Nilsson / TT

  • Swedish Police Authority introduce remote-piloted drones via DJI Docks atop city buildings, streamlining emergency response without on-site pilots.
  • Real-time feeds to surveillance centre officers enable swift decision-making, enhancing resource allocation and suspect tracking.
  • Autonomous drones expected to revolutionise public safety, deployed rapidly to scenes of violence or accidents for immediate intervention.

In Malmö, the Swedish Police Authority is launching a first of its kind trial using remote-piloted drones with DJI Dock. These drones aim to inform first responders of what they are walking into before they arrive on site, and enhance digital surveillance across the city, in efforts to deter crime and boost public safety.

How will this work? Officers stationed in the surveillance centre will remotely pilot drones housed within the DJI Dock, deploying them as needed in response to various situations including road collisions, crime incidents, and other dangerous scenarios.

Anticipated Benefits from the Programme

Quicker Response Times and Enhanced Efficiency 

With the DJI Dock, drones housed within it can be swiftly deployed, covering expansive landscapes with remarkable speed - especially since they are based in busy city centres meaning they can respond quicker than patrolled cars and drones which require an onsite pilot. 

Controlled from a surveillance centre, these remotely piloted drones facilitate the distribution of crucial information from the centre to incoming first responders; ensuring they are well - informed and equipped to handle the situation - ultimately boosting their effectiveness, potentially saving lives.

Jimmy Linden, Section Head for Camera Surveillance and Analysis in the police region South said: 

In tight situations, every minute is valuable. Drones as first responders can help save lives and will increase security for citizens.


Improved Officer Safety 

The live feed provided by the cameras on the drones to the remote-pilot enables the sharing of information with incoming first responders before their arrival. This alerts them to potential hazards and dangers, aiding in the formation of safer strategies.

Additionally, these drones will be helping officers in tracking the routes of suspects running from enforcement, meaning they can apprehend the individual quicker and with less disturbance to the local population.


Cost Savings

Automated drone missions are reducing the demand for extensive human engagement, leading to a more efficient allocation of resources. By replacing tasks that once required launching helicopter missions or lengthy pursuits based solely on radio updates and visual observation, these remote-piloted missions enable quicker completion, resulting in a significantly more efficient workforce.


The Swedish Police Authority expects drones as first responders (DFR) to be an incredibly useful tool in combatting deadly violence, responding quicker and ultimately keeping the city's citizens safer. 

To learn more about the Swedish Police Authority's new programme, watch their video. 



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