Why You Should Choose Heliguy For Drone Repairs

Why You Should Choose Heliguy For Drone Repairs

UK drone specialist Heliguy has an in-house DJI-approved technical team, offers rapid repairs on DJI drones, as well as servicing and custom builds/integrations.

Last updated: Jul 04, 2022

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  • Need your drone repaired? Find out how heliguy™ can help you;
  • heliguy™ has an in-house DJI-approved technical department with an experienced team offering rapid repairs;
  • heliguy™ can also offer drone servicing, as well as custom builds and integrations;
  • heliguy™ offers repairs and maintenance for all of the DJI drones which are currently available, as well as some discontinued models.

As a drone pilot, one of the most frustrating things is damaging your aircraft or discovering a fault.

Such problems mean a period of downtime; annoying as a hobbyist, potentially costly as a commercial operator.

No matter your experience, you want to get back flying as quickly and cheaply as possible. This is where heliguy™ can help.

Housed at our HQ in the North East of England, our DJI-approved drone repair centre offers a comprehensive package of support and maintenance, drone servicing, and custom-builds and integrations.

With more than a decade of industry experience, our expert team of technicians have the skills and the tools available to fix your craft.

To find out more, heliguy™ Insider caught up with Jack Bishop, Heliguy's Drone Support Specialist, to discuss our repairs service and how it can help you.

Why You Should Choose heliguy™ For Your Drone Repairs - Interview With Jack Bishop

Heliguy's Jack Bishop.

What services can the heliguy™ tech team offer?

Our main staples are builds, repairs and servicing. However, we have more specialised services we can offer. Say you would like a drone built to fit your bespoke sensor array, Heliguy’s technical team can come up with mounting, damping and triggering solutions for many sensors on the market.


Why should I choose heliguy™ to repair my drone?

Our team has many years of experience between us in the drone industry, as well as backgrounds in telecommunications, photography and electronic component design.

The heliguy™ technical team hard at work.

This allows us to tailor solutions based on our knowledge, not only of the drone industry, but the many facets that drones can be used for. Members of the team have also received training from DJI, visiting their centres in China and The Netherlands.

Heliguy's repair centre is in-house. How big an advantage is that?

Our in-house repair team allows us to get your equipment back to you with minimal delay.

The technical team is based at heliguy™ HQ, in the North East of England.

With our 72-hour fast-track repair service, this will ensure you are not without your drone when those important jobs opportunities arise.

It also means that you can access technical support and advice over the phone, or by sending us a private message through our Facebook page and getting a prompt answer.

Why should I choose heliguy™ instead of going straight to DJI?

With Heliguy’s in-house repair team your drone can be back in your hands within 72 hours if you take advantage of our fast-track repair service.

Take advantage of Heliguy's 72-hour fast-track repair service.

Sending items to DJI requires you to send your items to The Netherlands, which has the potential to leave you without your drone for weeks at a time.

Does the technical team receive positive feedback from happy customers?

Yes, I am pleased to say that we do.

For example, recently we received a great message from one customer via our Facebook page, who said:

Thanks heliguy™, I sent my DJI Mavic Pro to you guys to get fixed and you were really helpful on every front and extremely quick with your repair, response and delivery service. Thanks again!! I will definitely recommend you guys in the future!

Recently, one happy customer sent a message to heliguy™ praising the speed of his drone's repair.

We don't do it for the feedback, but it is nice to know that we have provided a good service and helped pilots get their drone back in the sky as quickly as possible.

Which drones can heliguy™ repair?

Our current stock of spares includes parts for all of the currently available DJI drones, as well as some discontinued models, such as the Inspire 1 and Phantom 3/4 series drones.

The heliguy™ team can fix an array of DJI aircraft.

What clients have you worked with?

Many big-name clients use heliguy™ to ensure their equipment is in top condition before heading to the most remote parts of the world.

heliguy™ repairs and services drones for some top clients.

The BBC Natural History Department makes regular trips to some of the most dangerous and desolate parts of the world and Heliguy’s technical team ensures their drones run without issue.

We also regularly service many police forces' drone equipment which is used primarily for fast response search and rescue missions.

What do I need to do to book in a repair?

To book a repair simply head over to our repair site and select 'Book a Repair'. Fill in the online form and send your drone to us via a tracked delivery service.

Visit the heliguy™ website to book a repair.

How long will it take to repair my drone?

Once your drone arrives with us, we strive to get a quote out to customers within two working days. Once that repair is authorised, the next available technician will repair your drone.

heliguy™ will send a quote out to you as quickly as possible.

We do have a fast-track repair service which ensures your repair will be turned around within 72 hours of it arriving with us.

How much will a drone repair cost?

How much do drone repairs cost? Well, different drones can vary depending on how heavy the damage is. If you would like an estimate quote you can send images of the damage to info@heliguy.com, or via a private message on our Facebook page, and our technical team will give you a rough repair estimate.

The cost of a repair depends on the nature of the fault/damage.

How Do I Get My Drone To You And Will I Need To Pay?

If you are using your own courier service, like DPD or UPS, or any tracked service through Royal Mail, this usually does the job.

We do offer our own warranty customers a DPD label, which they can use to drop off the items at any DPD drop-off point. This can be offered to others at their request for £15.

There are numerous ways that you can send your drone in for repair.

We return the drone via DPD next day, free for warranty clients and £15 for chargeable repairs.

For anything outside of the UK, we have to confirm with the warehouse before putting shipping on the quote.

I have heard about Heliguy's Repair Refresh crash cover. Tell me more….

Heliguy's Repair Refresh is a crash-cover policy that gives you peace of mind if something goes wrong with your drone.

After all, no matter your level of experience, drone pilots make mistakes, and having to pay for a new piece of equipment or expensive repairs can really sting, so we've developed heliguy™ Repair Refresh to ensure our customers have the opportunity to avoid these later costs wherever possible and have peace of mind that your equipment will be repaired or replaced by us in a matter of days.

Our Repair Refresh cover is up to 40% cheaper than DJI's Care Refresh. For more information, including terms and conditions, check out our Repair Refresh web page.

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