Approved Used Refurbished Drones

Second-hand and refurbished DJI drones and cameras for sale in the UK.

heliguy™ offers a range of used, refurbished and second-hand drones, cameras, and accessories that have been refurbished by DJI or our expert DJI trained technicians.

Most of the Approved Used product range is DJI refurbished drones. Items vary, but our used drones for sale often include a mix of consumer and commercial aircraft, such as the Mavic Series, the Phantom range, and the Inspire Series.

Purchasing a pre-owned drone or second-hand camera is a more affordable option than buying it brand new.

All of our Approved Used equipment has been refurbished and tested by an expert heliguy™ technician, ensuring that it is in good working order.

You will also receive a warranty on your Approved Used item.

Our technical team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have or help repair your drone, should something go wrong. Click here for more information about drone repairs.

The stock on this page is constantly updated, so keep checking back to see what is available.

Choosing The Right Equipment For You

Depending on the condition of the drone or camera, and the range of accessories that are included, heliguy™ will assign each item an Approved Used grade.

These grades will impact upon the price you'll pay and the warranty you will receive.

  • Grade A: The product is as good as new - 12-month warranty.
  • Grade B: May be some small cosmetic defects - 6-month warranty. 
  • Grade C: May be some large cosmetic defects - 3-month warranty.
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