DJI AeroScope Drone Detection

    9 products

    9 products

    DJI AeroScope

    Drone Detection System from DJI

    DJI AeroScope is an industry-leading tool for drone detection.

    With the advance of drone technology leading to more and more pilots being active around the world, DJI AeroScope provides a way of protecting sensitive airspace from rogue operators. Whether at an airport, around prisons or at public events - AeroScope can help secure the necessary airspace.

    Two versions are available, either portable or fixed, meaning AeroScope can be used not just to cover static locations, but also as a portable tool when additional control over airspace is needed.

    DJI AeroScope gathers crucial telemetry information including flight path to help you manage threats and respond appropriately.

    Where can DJI AeroScope be Used?


    DJI AeroScope at Airports


    DJI AeroScope in Prisons

    Government Sites

    DJI AeroScope at Government Sites

    Power Plants

    DJI AeroScope at Power Plants

    Military Zones

    DJI AeroScope in Military Zones


    DJI AeroScope at Festivals

    Sports Stadiums

    DJI AeroScope at Stadiums

    Other Secure Locations

    DJI AeroScope at Secure Locations

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    Portable or Fixed?

    Portable Stationary
    Purpose Mobile deployments for temporary or emergency use cases. Continuous monitoring of a larger, static site.
    Setup Time Minimal On-Site Setup Needed
    Detailed Telemetry Yes Yes
    Data Management No Yes
    Portable Yes No
    Weather Restricted Yes No

    Why is AeroScope Necessary?

    The popularity of consumer drones has exploded in recent years, leading organisations who need more control over their airspace to look for new solutions to combat unauthorised drone use.

    Traditional aerial detection systems are often unable to identify smaller aircraft, meaning drones would commonly not be recognised.

    To prevent any kind of accidents or unauthorised flights, DJI developed AeroScope to help protect sensitive airspace.

    AeroScope can identify these drones exceptionally quickly, giving organisations all the information they need in real-time to make informed security decisions about drone pilots in their airspace.

    This data can help prevent accidental drone collisions and ensure that all drone pilots are acting within the regulations in place in any given area.

    AeroScope Stationary Unit

    DJI AeroScope Stationary Unit

    The static AeroScope unit is designed to be in continuous use outdoors and has an IP65 Ingress Protection.

    One of the most significant advantages of using the stationary unit is the ability to customise and configure the unit precisely to the site that needs to be monitored.

    In ideal conditions, a stationary AeroScope setup has a range of 50km - and can identify drones in a little as 2 seconds!

    There are a number of deployment options too, meaning the data gathered by AeroScope can be hosted on a private cloud for particularly sensitive airspace.

    It also allows you to integrate with other security systems to provide a more complete picture of the monitored airspace.

    AeroScope Portable Unit

    DJI AeroScope Portable Unit

    The portable AeroScope unit can be set up quickly and easily anywhere it's needed.

    It's perfect for use at temporary events, mobile deployments or other instances where you need to protect the airspace around you at short notice.

    This system gives you all the AeroScope functionality in a single portable case. The antenna, control screen and TB50 batteries, which power the unit, are all integrated.

    In emergencies, the AeroScope Portable system can boot up almost immediately.

    How is DJI AeroScope Managed?

    DJI have created a new, bespoke piece of software called AeroScope Backstage to help you manage your AeroScope installation.

    Available as a cloud-based app or on your AeroScope portable unit, the Backstage management is a central interface to manage the data that AeroScope provides.

    There are a number of tools available in Backstage, including monitoring, command and investigation tools. All of these assist operators in protecting their airspace effectively.

    An SDK is also available, meaning that the Backstage Management app can be customised or integrated with other systems based on the needs of the operator.

    Stationary AeroScope Configurations

    The stationary DJI AeroScope provides a a flexible platform for drone detection.

    There are two Antenna configuration options available:

    • G8 Antenna
    • G16 Antenna

    Both antennas are directional, but the higher gain G16 antenna provides the highest gain.

    The Stationary AeroScope is waterproofed, dustproofed and can be used in a huge range of temperatures and humidity levels.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When will AeroScope be available?

    AeroScope has officially already been launched. However, the units require a short setup process and pricing is not yet public. Submit an Enquiry Form if you're interested in securing a unit.

    Can AeroScope protect against all drones?

    At present, AeroScope only identifies DJI drones - by far the most common brand on the market.

    However, DJI have confirmed that a future firmware update could provide identification for other brands.

    Can drone users opt out of this kind of identification?

    No, as no personal information is shared between the AeroScope user and the drone pilot. Drone pilots can be alerted via the serial number of their drone or their registration number, in countries where this applies.

    How does AeroScope work?

    DJI AeroScope intercepts signals between the drone and the remote controller. The AeroScope can then decode this data (using DJI's proprietary systems) to discern telemetry data.

    What software does the AeroScope use?

    A new piece of software from DJI called the "AeroScope Backstage Management System".

    It will help you monitor drones conveniently, either from the included CrystalSky Monitor on the portable unit, or from any device when using the static AeroScope.

    A software development kit (SDK) is also available if you need to integrate custom functionality or sync with other systems.

    Does the AeroScope unit need a WiFi or GPS connection to operate?

    No - AeroScope Drone Detection will function without an internet connection or GPS connection.

    Is the data that AeroScope collects sent to any third parties?

    No - only the operator of that specific AeroScope unit will have access to the data it collects.

    How many drones can AeroScope detect at one time?

    Theoretically there is no limit on the number of drones that can be detected by AeroScope.

    Can I control unauthorised drones with DJI AeroScope?

    AeroScope is a drone detection system. It is not designed to intercept drones, take control of them, land them or have any control over them.

    It's designed to help you identify threats and give you the best information possible to make informed security decisions.

    Can anyone buy AeroScope?

    No - AeroScope will only be available to relevant commercial or public organisations at launch.